Carlisle, Cumberland, England



Matches 1 to 170 of 170

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Addison, Clara Rosanna  Dec 1876Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4702
2 Armstrong, Jane  Abt 1814Carlisle, Cumberland, England I665
3 Armstrong, Simon  1875Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2843
4 Armstrong ???, Ann  Abt 1829Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3559
5 Barnfather, Mary  Jun 1931Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4429
6 Barnfather, William  21 Apr 1904Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5496
7 Batey, William  Dec 1868Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2884
8 Baty, George  Abt 1832Carlisle, Cumberland, England I570
9 Beckton, Thomas  Abt 1826Carlisle, Cumberland, England I571
10 Blair, George  Abt 1836Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3025
11 Blair, John James  2 Jun 1881Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3496
12 Borrow, George William  25 Sep 1892Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2885
13 Briscoe, Brian R  Sep 1930Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2509
14 Bromley, Clara  25 May 1894Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5499
15 Brotherwood, Neil Emmerson  9 Jun 1964Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3972
16 Brotherwood, Owen Leonard  13 Jun 1962Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3973
17 Brough, Andrew John T  Dec 1969Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3988
18 Brough, Angela M  Mar 1956Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4436
19 Brough, Betsy  Abt 1835Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1221
20 Brough, Charles  Abt 1856Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3758
21 Brough, Constance M K  Mar 1926Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3821
22 Brough, Daphne  4 Jan 1948Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2983
23 Brough, Derek G  Sep 1947Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4416
24 Brough, Doris Margaret  Dec 1897Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2740
25 Brough, Edith May  Abt Jan 1895Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3483
26 Brough, Eileen McDowall  24 Jan 1896Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2741
27 Brough, Eleanor  18 Jul 1916Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2837
28 Brough, Elizabeth  1807Carlisle, Cumberland, England I187
29 Brough, Elizabeth Hayton  Dec 1857Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2539
30 Brough, Emily  Dec 1898Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3482
31 Brough, Eric  Jun 1937Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4591
32 Brough, Evelyn Nancy ? aka Nan  Abt Feb 1901Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2744
33 Brough, Ewart Gilkerson  31 Aug 1894Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2742
34 Brough, Fanny  Abt 1848Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1293
35 Brough, Geoffrey T  Mar 1957Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4430
36 Brough, George Thompson  Sep 1863Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2537
37 Brough, Gilkerson Carr  22 Jan 1903Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2739
38 Brough, Gordon  Mar 1931Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3818
39 Brough, Gordon W  Sep 1953Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4428
40 Brough, Hannah  Abt 1850Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1288
41 Brough, Ian Ronald  Jun 1967Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3941
42 Brough, Isabella  Mar 1907Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3438
43 Brough, James  Abt 1855Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3759
44 Brough, James Duncan  9 Jun 1947Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1952
45 Brough, James Thompson  Dec 1857Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2535
46 Brough, James Thomson  Mar 1865Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2534
47 Brough, Jane  Abt 1852Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1292
48 Brough, Jane Hayton  Sep 1857Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2581
49 Brough, Jeanie Smith  2 May 1925Carlisle, Cumberland, England I34833
50 Brough, Joanne Margaret  Mar 1974Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3533
51 Brough, John  Oct 1849Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1289
52 Brough, John  18 Jan 1920Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1966
53 Brough, John B  Abt 1856Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1291
54 Brough, John Pattinson  10 May 1959Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2253
55 Brough, Joseph  Abt 1855Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2420
56 Brough, Joseph  Abt 1881Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2349
57 Brough, Joseph  Abt 1894Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3569
58 Brough, Joseph Thompson  Jul 1859Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2579
59 Brough, June Elizabeth  18 Jun 1937Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1954
60 Brough, Kathleen  Dec 1971Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4474
61 Brough, Keith A  Abt 1954Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4427
62 Brough, Kerry Anne  Mar 1979Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4547
63 Brough, Kevin Andrew  Dec 1977Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4541
64 Brough, Laura Noble  Jan 1910Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3479
65 Brough, Lillian Anne  20 Nov 1935Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1955
66 Brough, Louise Helen  4 Aug 1929Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1957
67 Brough, Mandy  Dec 1968Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4471
68 Brough, Margaret  Abt Jan 1858Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1290
69 Brough, Margaret E  Sep 1923Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3822
70 Brough, Mary Ann  Abt 1847Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1294
71 Brough, Mary Ann  Abt 1861Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3549
72 Brough, Mary Ann  Abt 1867Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3748
73 Brough, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1896Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3568
74 Brough, Mary Evelyn  Dec 1901Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3480
75 Brough, Mason  Sep 1854Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1287
76 Brough, Montgomery  Abt 1843Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1100
77 Brough, Noel Emmerson  13 Dec 1932Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1953
78 Brough, Patricia M  13 Jun 1955Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3933
79 Brough, Patrick John  20 Feb 1996Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5404
80 Brough, Peter R  Dec 1954Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3535
81 Brough, Rachel  Abt 1860Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1286
82 Brough, Robert Holmes  Sep 1927Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3820
83 Brough, Robinson  1 Jan 1919Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1968
84 Brough, Roger H  Mar 1941Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2289
85 Brough, Rose Ann or Rosannah  Abt 1838Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1214
86 Brough, Ruth  Abt 1841Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3310
87 Brough, Sarah Elizabeth  Mar 1893Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3484
88 Brough, Sarah Jane  7 Apr 1847Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3307
89 Brough, Sheila M  Dec 1956Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4426
90 Brough, Shirley Harris  29 Apr 1931Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1956
91 Brough, Stanley  6 Aug 1929Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3819
92 Brough, Stephen William  5 Aug 1959Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3934
93 Brough, Stewart  Abt 1861Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3745
94 Brough, Wendy  Sep 1963Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4472
95 Brough, William  Abt 1768Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1099
96 Brough, William  Abt 1859Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2538
97 Brough, William  Abt 1905Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3481
98 Brough, William Gilkerson aka Gil  8 Jul 1921Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3823
99 Brough, William Harold  30 Sep 1898Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2745
100 Brough, William Thomson  Abt 1856Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2580
101 Carruthers, John  Mar 1864Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3610
102 Carruthers, Mary Elizabeth  Mar 1892Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2051
103 Cranmer, Sarah  Abt 1805Carlisle, Cumberland, England I22064
104 Denwood, Joseph  23 Oct 1845Carlisle, Cumberland, England I519
105 Denwood, Joseph  16 Nov 1877Carlisle, Cumberland, England I512
106 Denwood, Margaret  Apr 1905Carlisle, Cumberland, England I510
107 Earl, Alice May  Nov 1894Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1967
108 Ewing, William  Oct 1877Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3070
109 Fawkes, Margaret M  Mar 1931Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2846
110 Fawkes, Raymond E  Mar 1933Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2845
111 Fletcher, Ann  Abt 1751Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2523
112 Frizzell, Joseph  Abt 1802Carlisle, Cumberland, England I502
113 Frizzell, Thomas  Abt 1795Carlisle, Cumberland, England I503
114 Gilkerson, Elizabeth  Jun 1840Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2714
115 Graham, Mary  Abt 1826Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2613
116 Graham, Mary  Abt 1877Carlisle, Cumberland, England I509
117 Harris, Edward  Abt 1821Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4438
118 Harris, Edward B  Abt 1890Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2723
119 Harris, James Creighton  Jul 1853Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2724
120 Harris, Mable C  Abt 1894Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2722
121 Hetherington, Ann  Abt 1847Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2260
122 Hetherington, George  Dec 1884Carlisle, Cumberland, England I466
123 Hetherington, Jane  Abt 1883Carlisle, Cumberland, England I467
124 Hill, Wendy Jean  Abt 1935Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3967
125 Hodgson, Joseph  Abt 1775Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2256
126 Holmes, Robert Johnson  Abt 1903Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5500
127 Kennedy, Margaret Ann  Jun 1895Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3863
128 Kirk, Hannah Jane  Dec 1862Carlisle, Cumberland, England I40575
129 Little, Thomas Atkinson  Jun 1856Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2030
130 Mark, Mary Hannah  Mar 1871Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2468
131 McGibbon, William Joseph  Oct 1858Carlisle, Cumberland, England I40574
132 McTaggart, Ivor  Dec 1891Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3502
133 Miller, George  Abt 1884Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3555
134 Miller, Joseph  Abt 1888Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3553
135 Miller, Margaret  Abt Jan 1816Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1222
136 Murray, Jacob  8 Aug 1892Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1302
137 Murray, John  Abt 1880Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1299
138 Murray, Margaret  1 Apr 1888Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1298
139 Murray, Mary Jane Iveson  29 Jul 1890Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1300
140 Murray, Robert  Abt Mar 1854Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1305
141 Murray, Robert Iveson  25 Jun 1886Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1303
142 Murray, Sarah Ann  Abt May 1878Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1304
143 Murray, William Mason  9 Feb 1899Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1301
144 Musgrave, Mary Ann  Dec 1874Carlisle, Cumberland, England I153
145 Musgrave, William  Abt 1874Carlisle, Cumberland, England I152
146 Nimmey, Margaret  Abt 1846Carlisle, Cumberland, England I518
147 Noble, Mary Elizabeth  Mar 1873Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3485
148 Noble, Sarah  Abt 1845Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3500
149 Pattinson, Ann  Abt 1807Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2721
150 Pitman, Margaret A J  Sep 1950Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1981
151 Reed, Ian  Mar 1947Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4423
152 Reed, William B  Jun 1923Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4424
153 Reid, Elizabeth  Dec 1896Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2293
154 Ridley, Mary Robina  1 Dec 1907Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5497
155 Robinson, Ethel  Oct 1901Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3492
156 Robinson, John  1794Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3301
157 Robinson, Mary  19 Dec 1896Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3489
158 Robinson, Sarah  Abt 1849Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4590
159 Robinson, William  15 Apr 1895Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3490
160 Satterthwaite, Sarah  Abt 1812Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2160
161 Stewart, Ellen or Elleanor  Mar 1885Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1775
162 Stewart, Rachel Jane  10 Feb 1880Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1776
163 Thomson, Jean H  Jun 1936Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3541
164 Walton, Mary  Abt 1865Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2010
165 Watson, Roberta Harrison  14 Jul 1905Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2291
166 Willis, Eleanor  Jun 1880Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3870
167 Willis, Frederick Gordon  Jun 1885Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3867
168 Willis, Mary Hannah  Jun 1882Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3866
169 Willis, Thomas Birkett  10 Sep 1887Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3868
170 Wright, Kathleen L T  Dec 1923Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4417


Matches 1 to 122 of 122

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnfather, William  Sep 1974Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5496
2 Barwise, Isabella  Sep 1958Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3609
3 Baty, Sybil  Mar 1970Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2156
4 Blair, John Joseph  3 Oct 1999Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4200
5 Bromley, Clara  Jun 1971Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5499
6 Brough, Betty  Dec 1971Carlisle, Cumberland, England I974
7 Brough, Dinah  Abt 1842Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3304
8 Brough, Eileen McDowall  26 Feb 1976Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2741
9 Brough, Eleanor  28 Jul 2009Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2837
10 Brough, Elizabeth Gilkerson  Jun 1936Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2719
11 Brough, Elsie White  Sep 1935Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3205
12 Brough, Florence  Jun 1973Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2461
13 Brough, Frances Jane  31 Jan 1967Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2009
14 Brough, Frederick  Mar 1977Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2008
15 Brough, George Gilkerson  5 May 1949Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2712
16 Brough, George Thompson  10 Jan 1895Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2537
17 Brough, James Thompson  7 Aug 1865Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2535
18 Brough, James Thomson  7 Aug 1865Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2534
19 Brough, Jane  Jun 1883Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1557
20 Brough, Jane Ann  Jun 1954Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3830
21 Brough, Jane Hayton  Mar 1861Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2581
22 Brough, Joann  Mar 1980Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4504
23 Brough, John Hudson  Jun 1928Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2803
24 Brough, John James  Jun 1998Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2978
25 Brough, John Pattinson  26 Feb 2001Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2253
26 Brough, Julia  Apr 1895Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1066
27 Brough, Maggie  Mar 1930Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2798
28 Brough, Margaret  30 Sep 1942Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1290
29 Brough, Margaret  Jun 1952Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4065
30 Brough, Margaret  Jan 2005Carlisle, Cumberland, England I978
31 Brough, Margaret Davidson Mcdonald  23 Oct 1999Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1969
32 Brough, Martha  Sep 1976Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2007
33 Brough, Martha Harrison  Oct 1998Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1480
34 Brough, Mary Ann  Sep 1927Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1294
35 Brough, Muriel  Jun 1997Carlisle, Cumberland, England I976
36 Brough, Noel Emmerson  19 Jul 1946Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1953
37 Brough, Peter James  Mar 1934Carlisle, Cumberland, England I460
38 Brough, Richard Joseph C  Jul 2003Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2000
39 Brough, Robert  Mar 1959Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2796
40 Brough, Sarah Ann  Dec 1955Carlisle, Cumberland, England I459
41 Brough, Susannah  Dec 1962Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2802
42 Brough, Susannah  Feb 1997Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2836
43 Brough, Thomas  Jan 1885Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1162
44 Brough, Thomas William  May 1988Carlisle, Cumberland, England I42879
45 Brough, William Gilkerson aka Gil  Abt Aug 2001Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3823
46 Brough, William Harold  13 Dec 1985Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2745
47 Brough, William Thomson  Sep 1856Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2580
48 Brown, Isabella  Mar 1906Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3858
49 Clapperton, Jane  Apr 1888Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1973
50 Coates, Frances  Apr 1888Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1320
51 Cowperthwaite, Sarah Jane  Sep 1983Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4505
52 Denwood, Ena  1980Carlisle, Cumberland, England I511
53 Denwood, Joseph  21 Apr 1885Carlisle, Cumberland, England I519
54 Denwood, Margaret  Jul 1905Carlisle, Cumberland, England I510
55 Dickinson, Jane  Jun 1900Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2583
56 Dixon, Eric  Jun 1991Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2492
57 Dixon, Olive May  Aug 1989Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2489
58 Dixon, Robert  Oct 1995Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2485
59 Dixon, William  Sep 1950Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2495
60 Dobie, John  Apr 1891Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2662
61 Fawkes, Edward  Mar 1940Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2859
62 Frost, George  Jul 1891Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2560
63 Frost, Jane Anne  1916Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2570
64 Frost, Rachel  1926Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2565
65 Frost, William  16 Jun 1937Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4684
66 Gash, Sarah Ann  1 Mar 1931Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1660
67 Gilkerson, George  Dec 1842Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2720
68 Glendinning, Margaret  Jan 1878Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1075
69 Graham, Mary  1893Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2613
70 Hanking, John George  Mar 1990Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2849
71 Harris, James Creighton  Mar 1920Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2724
72 Harris, Mable C  Mar 1967Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2722
73 Haugh, Ann Marshall  30 Jan 1937Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1585
74 Haugh, Frank  Dec 1888Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1588
75 Haugh, Phebe Hodgson  Jul 1887Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1584
76 Hetherington, Elizabeth  Jun 1976Carlisle, Cumberland, England I463
77 Holmes, Maggie  7 Oct 1991Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3824
78 Hoodless, William  Oct 1893Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4080
79 Hornsby, Sarah Ethel  25 Jan 1997Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2986
80 Hudson, James William  Mar 1926Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1780
81 Irving, Richard  Jul 1875Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2870
82 Johnstone, Janet Ann  Jan 1904Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4413
83 Johnstone, William Brown  Dec 1909Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3859
84 Keen, Elinor Porteous  Dec 1978Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4475
85 Lowther, Thomas  Abt 27 Dec 1867Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3801
86 Maguire, John  Dec 1923Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5421
87 Marlow, Sarah Lizzie  Apr 1990Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4406
88 Maskell, Martha Elizabeth  Apr 1911Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2268
89 Mattinson, Ruth  Dec 1951Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2055
90 McDowall, Elizabeth Brown  6 Mar 1945Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2743
91 Mellish, Jane  Mar 1926Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2858
92 Morris, Christopher  26 Nov 1998Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2121
93 Murray, Jacob  Sep 1983Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1302
94 Murray, Margaret  27 Jul 1893Carlisle, Cumberland, England I291
95 Murray, Margaret  Jun 1972Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1298
96 Murray, Mary Jane Iveson  Mar 1976Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1300
97 Murray, Robert  12 Jan 1910Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1305
98 Murray, Sarah Ann  Mar 1930Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1304
99 Musgrave, Richard  Dec 1876Carlisle, Cumberland, England I154
100 O'Neil, Elizabeth  Mar 1890Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3800
101 Oglanby, Florance May  Sep 1999Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2647
102 Probert, Mary  Dec 1865Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2127
103 Quirk, Hannah Eveline Mary  May 1992Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2013
104 Rigg, Mary  8 Apr 1886Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3505
105 Sampson, Jeremiah  Jun 1883Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2128
106 Sampson, Mary  Mar 1976Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1791
107 Sandwith, Richard Fell  Dec 1958Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4070
108 Satterthwaite, Sarah  29 Jan 1897Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2160
109 Schofield, Marjorie  28 Oct 2009Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4721
110 Scoon, Fanny  Jun 1982Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2038
111 Scott, Archie  May 1979Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1980
112 Sim, Martin  Mar 1963Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2063
113 Stephenson, Mary  Oct 1910Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1840
114 Stewart, Jacob Brough  22 Apr 1947Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1773
115 Telfer, Elizabeth Bowe  Mar 1945Carlisle, Cumberland, England I40544
116 Thompson, Mary Jane  21 Dec 1868Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2532
117 Wannop, Jane  Oct 1909Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5271
118 Warwick, Agnes Jane  19 Jun 1939Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4685
119 Willis, Birkett  31 Jan 1931Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3865
120 Willis, Eleanor  Dec 1882Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3870
121 Willis, Thomas Birkett  Mar 1974Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3868
122 Wilson, Margaret E  Sep 1940Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3935


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Angus, Annie  31 Aug 1851Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2162
2 Brough or Bruff, Ellen  16 Nov 1862Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3101

Criminal Conviction

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Criminal Conviction    Person ID 
1 Brough, Walter  5 Jan 1886Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2607


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Brough, Robert James  31 Oct 1916Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2299


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Brough, Stanley  1943Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3819
2 Brough, Stephenson  1 Apr 1901Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1839
3 Brough, Stephenson  1 Jun 1915Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1839
4 Harris, Edward  1861Carlisle, Cumberland, England I4438
5 McTaggart, Ivor  1911Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3502
6 Miller, George  1 Apr 1891Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3557
7 Noble, Sarah  1881Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3500
8 Stewart, Jacob Brough  1911Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1773
9 Willis, Birkett  1 Apr 1881Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3865


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brough, Constance M K  2017Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3821
2 Hudson, John Peel  26 Dec 1896Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1779
3 McGibbon, William Joseph  1871Carlisle, Cumberland, England I40574
4 Willis, Birkett  1 Jun 1877Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3865


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Armstrong / Brough  Mar 1941Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1676
2 Barnfather / Ridley  21 Nov 1925Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1660
3 Bell / Brough  19 Nov 1949Carlisle, Cumberland, England F914
4 Blair / Rigg  30 Apr 1865Carlisle, Cumberland, England F782
5 Bonner / Brough  Sep 1898Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1528
6 Booth / Brough  16 Aug 1958Carlisle, Cumberland, England F920
7 Borrow / Batey  Jun 1930Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1365
8 Brotherwood / Brough  20 Jun 1959Carlisle, Cumberland, England F918
9 Brough / Barnfather  Mar 1953Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1072
10 Brough / Bell  Oct 1870Carlisle, Cumberland, England F307
11 Brough / Briggs  Abt Feb 1986Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1656
12 Brough / Cockbain  Dec 1891Carlisle, Cumberland, England F807
13 Brough / Douthwaite  1871Carlisle, Cumberland, England F620
14 Brough / Earl  Jun 1919Carlisle, Cumberland, England F467
15 Brough / Foster  Apr 1863Carlisle, Cumberland, England F106
16 Brough / Frost  Jun 1949Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1070
17 Brough / Hill  16 Apr 1954Carlisle, Cumberland, England F916
18 Brough / Holmes  Mar 1921Carlisle, Cumberland, England F874
19 Brough / Jackson  Sep 1954Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1071
20 Brough / Johnston  Jul 1877Carlisle, Cumberland, England F100
21 Brough / Mark  Jan 1891Carlisle, Cumberland, England F556
22 Brough / Melville  1863Carlisle, Cumberland, England F728
23 Brough / Nicholson  Jun 1936Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1162
24 Brough / Rose  Sep 1965Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1269
25 Brough / Scott  Jun 1875Carlisle, Cumberland, England F875
26 Brough / Scott  Sep 1957Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1068
27 Brough / Watson  Apr 1939Carlisle, Cumberland, England F531
28 Brough / Wright  Dec 1943Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1069
29 Denwood / Nimmey  24 Aug 1867Carlisle, Cumberland, England F132
30 Fawkes / Mellish  Apr 1889Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1377
31 Frost / Graham  1875Carlisle, Cumberland, England F584
32 Gamble / Brough  11 Sep 1976Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1657
33 Harris / Turnbull  1852Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1077
34 Haugh / Brough  Sep 1860Carlisle, Cumberland, England F399
35 Hetherington / Brough  Oct 1881Carlisle, Cumberland, England F187
36 Hetherington / Telfair  13 May 1837Carlisle, Cumberland, England F188
37 Jackson / Wilson  Jun 1929Carlisle, Cumberland, England F907
38 Johnstone / Brough  Mar 1925Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1677
39 McGibbon / Kirk  1882Carlisle, Cumberland, England F13906
40 McTaggart / Brough  Sep 1912Carlisle, Cumberland, England F780
41 Morris / Brough  Mar 1940Carlisle, Cumberland, England F493
42 Murray / Brough  23 Apr 1878Carlisle, Cumberland, England F510
43 Murray / Satterthwaite  Jan 1847Carlisle, Cumberland, England F525
44 Niven / Armstrong  Mar 1964Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1675
45 Noble / Noble  1868Carlisle, Cumberland, England F949
46 Read / Brough  Mar 1942Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1129
47 Reed / Bromley  Apr 1914Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1662
48 Reed / Brough  Jun 1946Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1661
49 Robinson / Brough  Jan 1895Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1533
50 Willis / Brough  Jun 1879Carlisle, Cumberland, England F886


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McGibbon / Kirk  Oct 1882Carlisle, Cumberland, England F13906
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