Prescot, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brough, Arthur  Jul 1913Prescot, Lancashire, England I22218
2 Brough, David  Sep 1955Prescot, Lancashire, England I5349
3 Brough, James Henry  Jun 1894Prescot, Lancashire, England I5686
4 Brough, Joan  Sep 1953Prescot, Lancashire, England I5352
5 Brough, Michael W  Jun 1951Prescot, Lancashire, England I22704
6 Brough, Nehemiah  12 Jan 1811Prescot, Lancashire, England I22349
7 Brough, Pauline  Sep 1951Prescot, Lancashire, England I5350
8 Gregson, Ann  22 Dec 1840Prescot, Lancashire, England I5792
9 Hall, Elizabeth  Abt 1869Prescot, Lancashire, England I5688
10 Hall, William  Abt 1832Prescot, Lancashire, England I5791
11 Hartley, Christine Elizabeth  Jan 1897Prescot, Lancashire, England I5740
12 McQuilton, Ronald Kinver  30 Dec 1909Prescot, Lancashire, England I5165
13 O'Donnell, Louisa  25 Mar 1918Prescot, Lancashire, England I22251
14 Rushton, Leonard Brough  Mar 1928Prescot, Lancashire, England I5737


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Alfred  Sep 1946Prescot, Lancashire, England I45588
2 Birchall, Annie  Sep 1876Prescot, Lancashire, England I5779
3 Brough, Ada Isabel  Dec 1954Prescot, Lancashire, England I5695
4 Brough, Ernest  Dec 1932Prescot, Lancashire, England I22220
5 Brough, Esther  Oct 1872Prescot, Lancashire, England I22445
6 Brough, James  Apr 1894Prescot, Lancashire, England I22441
7 Brough, James  Dec 1957Prescot, Lancashire, England I1253
8 Brough, James Henry  Oct 1894Prescot, Lancashire, England I5686
9 Brough, James Henry  Dec 1937Prescot, Lancashire, England I5669
10 Brough, William Flewitt  Jul 1910Prescot, Lancashire, England I5668
11 Brough, William Frederick  Jul 1910Prescot, Lancashire, England I25048
12 Brown, Joseph  10 Sep 1992Prescot, Lancashire, England I48763
13 Byatt, Alice May  Mar 1961Prescot, Lancashire, England I39188
14 Byatt, Arnold Aked  11 Dec 1939Prescot, Lancashire, England I39186
15 Craig, Elizabeth Riddel  Dec 1938Prescot, Lancashire, England I2244
16 Flewitt, Louisa  Dec 1916Prescot, Lancashire, England I5665
17 Gregson, Ann  Oct 1916Prescot, Lancashire, England I5792
18 Hall, William  Jan 1902Prescot, Lancashire, England I5791
19 Hawley, Elizabeth  Jul 1893Prescot, Lancashire, England I5679
20 Hopkins, William  1929Prescot, Lancashire, England I9829
21 Howard, George Hitchmough  17 May 1942Prescot, Lancashire, England I22589
22 Mackay, Mary Ann  Mar 1960Prescot, Lancashire, England I22749
23 Moore, Alice  Jun 1967Prescot, Lancashire, England I21903
24 Rushton, Thomas Leonard  Sep 1969Prescot, Lancashire, England I5738
25 Sheridan, Ellen  Oct 1913Prescot, Lancashire, England I46799


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brough, Richard  1861Prescot, Lancashire, England I44097
2 Byatt, Alice May  2 Apr 1911Prescot, Lancashire, England I39188
3 Byatt, Arnold Aked  2 Apr 1911Prescot, Lancashire, England I39186
4 Gregson, Ann  1861Prescot, Lancashire, England I5792
5 Gregson, Ann  1871Prescot, Lancashire, England I5792
6 Hall, Elizabeth  1871Prescot, Lancashire, England I5688
7 Hall, William  1871Prescot, Lancashire, England I5791


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bate / Foster  Jan 1865Prescot, Lancashire, England F8130
2 Birchall / Brough  Jan 1900Prescot, Lancashire, England F8125
3 Brough / Barton  Oct 1898Prescot, Lancashire, England F8124
4 Brough / Croston  Mar 1894Prescot, Lancashire, England F1858
5 Brough / Dennett  Oct 1893Prescot, Lancashire, England F1860
6 Brough / Etheridge  Mar 1919Prescot, Lancashire, England F1194
7 Brough / Flewitt  24 Dec 1863Prescot, Lancashire, England F1856
8 Brough / Grierson  Apr 1895Prescot, Lancashire, England F1861
9 Brough / Hall  1892Prescot, Lancashire, England F1859
10 Brough / Herbert  Oct 1888Prescot, Lancashire, England F8123
11 Brough / Latham  Sep 1969Prescot, Lancashire, England F1568
12 Brough / Ludden  Sep 1950Prescot, Lancashire, England F1567
13 Etheridge / Gabbitas  Sep 1874Prescot, Lancashire, England F1341
14 Evans / Brough  Dec 1926Prescot, Lancashire, England F8202
15 Evans / Mackay  Apr 1893Prescot, Lancashire, England F8203
16 Hall / Gregson  Apr 1861Prescot, Lancashire, England F1889
17 Hancock / Brough  Dec 1972Prescot, Lancashire, England F1570
18 Hartley / Mayor  Apr 1896Prescot, Lancashire, England F2861
19 Hosker / McMath  Jan 1878Prescot, Lancashire, England F8207
20 Johnson / Brough  Dec 1920Prescot, Lancashire, England F8206
21 Jones / Brough  Mar 1917Prescot, Lancashire, England F8201
22 Jones / Herbert  Jan 1900Prescot, Lancashire, England F8129
23 O'Donnell / Carbery  18 Nov 1906Prescot, Lancashire, England F8033
24 Watkinson / Wiseman  1 Jun 1882Prescot, Lancashire, England F8200
25 Winstanley / Brough  Mar 1931Prescot, Lancashire, England F8000
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