Aspatria, Cumberland, England



Matches 1 to 101 of 101

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 "Middleton", Annie  Abt 1878Aspatria, Cumberland, England I4111
2 Barnes, Jane  Jan 1859Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2663
3 Brough, Ada Isabel  10 Apr 1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2590
4 Brough, Ann  31 Dec 1804Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1110
5 Brough, Anna  Abt 1709Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1205
6 Brough, Charlotte  Jan 1878Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2591
7 Brough, Daniel  Abt 1703Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1181
8 Brough, Daniel  Abt 1745Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1189
9 Brough, Dawson Grave  Sep 1843Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1156
10 Brough, Elizabeth  Oct 1874Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1838
11 Brough, Elizabeth Ann  Sep 1844Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1155
12 Brough, Evelyn Olive  Dec 1906Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2637
13 Brough, George  Abt Dec 1753Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1185
14 Brough, George  Abt 1821Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1112
15 Brough, George  Sep 1849Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1165
16 Brough, Georgiu  25 Jan 1705Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1203
17 Brough, Grace  Abt 1780Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1182
18 Brough, Grace  16 Jun 1812Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1108
19 Brough, Hannah Sarah  Abt 1880Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2584
20 Brough, James  Abt 1852Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1160
21 Brough, Jane  Abt 1857Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2943
22 Brough, Jane Ann  Abt 1878Aspatria, Cumberland, England I477
23 Brough, Jane Tamar  Mar 1852Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1170
24 Brough, John  Abt 1700Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1201
25 Brough, John  28 Apr 1743Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1190
26 Brough, John  Abt 1773Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1103
27 Brough, John  1808Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1115
28 Brough, John  Abt 1843Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1161
29 Brough, John  Abt 1854Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1179
30 Brough, John William  Dec 1874Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2593
31 Brough, Joseph  Abt Jun 1739Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1106
32 Brough, Joseph  Abt 1806Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1107
33 Brough, Joseph Arthur  18 Nov 1844Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1163
34 Brough, Joseph William  25 Sep 1899Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2276
35 Brough, Josephu  Abt 1707Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1204
36 Brough, Mary  Abt 1699Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1206
37 Brough, Mary  Abt 1747Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1188
38 Brough, Rachel  Mar 1873Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1836
39 Brough, Robert  Abt May 1851Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1166
40 Brough, Robert  Jun 1876Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2592
41 Brough, Robert Horace  Dec 1910Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2636
42 Brough, Sarah  Abt Dec 1814Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1109
43 Brough, Sarah  Abt Mar 1819Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1113
44 Brough, Stephenson  Mar 1871Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1839
45 Brough, Thomas  Abt 1702Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1202
46 Brough, Thomas  Abt Dec 1750Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1184
47 Brough, Thomas  1811Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1104
48 Brough, Thomas  Dec 1840Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1162
49 Brough, Thomas  Abt 1859Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1177
50 Brough, Violet Rosaline  Mar 1909Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2638
51 Brough, Wiliam  Abt Jan 1847Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1164
52 Brough, William  Abt Dec 1816Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1114
53 Brough, William  Abt 1868Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1835
54 Brough, Wilson  Abt 1856Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1178
55 Crone, Daniel  1791Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1195
56 Crone, John  Abt 1752Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1199
57 Dobie, Janet  Abt 1908Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2639
58 Dobie, John William  Jan 1905Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2640
59 Douglas, Gladys Maud  1 Apr 1908Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2650
60 Douglas, Jane  3 Jun 1905Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2652
61 Douglas, Joseph  Abt 1855Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2664
62 Douglas, Joseph  Jan 1906Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2651
63 Douglas, Winnifred  26 Feb 1910Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2649
64 Haig, George Fulton  Abt 1810Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1212
65 Hardon, George  Apr 1870Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2917
66 Hodgson, Marshal  Abt 1848Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2810
67 Hodgson, Mary  Abt 1740Aspatria, Cumberland, England I3008
68 Hodgson, Thomas  Abt 1842Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2813
69 Jackson, Hannah  Abt 1862Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1985
70 Kennedy, John  Abt 1824Aspatria, Cumberland, England I3040
71 Kennet, Margaret  Abt 1816Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1167
72 Moor, Ann  Abt 1792Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1284
73 Moor, Ann  Abt 1826Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1143
74 Moor, George Brough  Jan 1842Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1135
75 Moor, Grace  Dec 1839Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1141
76 Moor, Jane  Abt 1845Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1140
77 Moor, John  Abt 1828Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1142
78 Moor, Joseph  15 Aug 1830Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1137
79 Moor, Margaret  Abt 1850Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1139
80 Moor, Mary  Mar 1838Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1144
81 Moor, Mary Jane  Abt Feb 1862Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1876
82 Moor, Sarah  Abt Dec 1835Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1145
83 Moor, Thomas  Abt 1825Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1138
84 Moor, William  Abt Oct 1832Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1136
85 Moore, John  Abt 1870Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1877
86 Moore, William Brough  Mar 1868Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1878
87 Norman, Margaret  Abt 1858Aspatria, Cumberland, England I3948
88 Oglanby, Florance May  15 Oct 1906Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2647
89 Oglanby, Isaac Armstrong  15 Jun 1909Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2646
90 Pattinson, Hannah  Abt Jul 1847Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1122
91 Pattinson, Isabella  1850Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1118
92 Pattinson, John  1842Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1120
93 Pattinson, Mary Ann  Abt Jul 1845Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1117
94 Pattinson, William  Oct 1839Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1119
95 Scoon, Frances  Dec 1854Aspatria, Cumberland, England I3591
96 Sibson, Mary  Abt 1673Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1191
97 Stanger, Rebecca Brown  Sep 1899Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1989
98 Thompson, Eleanor  Abt 1806Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2095
99 Young, Anna Maria  Abt 1793Aspatria, Cumberland, England I9387
100 Younghusband, Francis  Abt 1666Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1192
101 Younghusband, Grace  Abt 1711Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1183


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brough, Ann  29 Mar 1885Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1110
2 Brough, Anna  11 May 1710Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1205
3 Brough, Dawson Grave  16 Sep 1843Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1156
4 Brough, Grace  28 Nov 1882Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1108
5 Brough, Mary  1834Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1188
6 Brough, Robert  25 Jul 1852Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1166
7 Brough, Sarah  1814Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1109
8 Brough, Sarah  1819Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1113
9 Brough, William  9 Oct 1895Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1114
10 Brown, Rebecca  19 Apr 1919Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1992
11 Crone, John  1837Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1199
12 Grave, Tamar  Jun 1858Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1116
13 Moor, Ann  Oct 1877Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1143
14 Moor, John  18 Mar 1874Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1142
15 Moor, Thomas  9 May 1875Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1146
16 Pearson, Martha  28 Jul 1866Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2255


Matches 1 to 59 of 59

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Brough, Ada Isabel  29 May 1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2590
2 Brough, Anna  1709Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1205
3 Brough, Charlotte  24 Feb 1878Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2591
4 Brough, Daniel  17 Sep 1704Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1181
5 Brough, Dawson Grave  10 Sep 1843Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1156
6 Brough, Elizabeth Ann  25 Sep 1844Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1155
7 Brough, Frances  1 Jul 1860Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2942
8 Brough, George  13 Dec 1753Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1185
9 Brough, George  8 Apr 1821Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1112
10 Brough, George  22 Jul 1849Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1165
11 Brough, Georgiu  25 Jan 1705Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1203
12 Brough, Grace  19 Mar 1780Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1182
13 Brough, Grace  26 Dec 1812Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1108
14 Brough, Hannah Sarah  30 Nov 1879Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2584
15 Brough, James  6 Sep 1852Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1160
16 Brough, Jane  28 Jun 1857Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2943
17 Brough, Jane Ann  28 Jul 1878Aspatria, Cumberland, England I477
18 Brough, Jane Tamar  2 May 1852Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1170
19 Brough, John  25 Dec 1775Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1103
20 Brough, John  29 Dec 1808Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1115
21 Brough, John  29 Oct 1854Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1179
22 Brough, John William  10 Jan 1875Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2593
23 Brough, Joseph  27 Dec 1806Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1107
24 Brough, Josephu  1707Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1204
25 Brough, Martha Catherine  27 Dec 1863Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2941
26 Brough, Robert  25 May 1851Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1166
27 Brough, Robert  9 Jul 1876Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2592
28 Brough, Sarah  24 Dec 1814Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1109
29 Brough, Sarah  29 Mar 1819Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1113
30 Brough, Thomas  19 Oct 1702Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1202
31 Brough, Thomas  20 Dec 1750Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1184
32 Brough, Thomas  28 Dec 1811Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1104
33 Brough, Thomas  23 May 1844Aspatria, Cumberland, England I4041
34 Brough, William  28 Dec 1816Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1114
35 Brough, Wilson  29 Jun 1856Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1178
36 Crone, Anne  28 Sep 1788Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1196
37 Crone, Daniel  1 Dec 1791Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1195
38 Crone, Joseph  1 Oct 1786Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1194
39 Crone, Mary  1 Apr 1779Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1193
40 Douglas, William Carruthers  10 Oct 1880Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2653
41 Grave, Jane  11 Dec 1831Aspatria, Cumberland, England I3740
42 Hodgson, Hewson  28 Jan 1855Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2806
43 Hodgson, Martha  19 Mar 1848Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2809
44 Hodgson, Robert  11 May 1851Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2808
45 Jackson, Hannah  27 Apr 1862Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1985
46 Moor, Ann  1 Jul 1792Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1284
47 Moor, Ann  1 Oct 1826Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1143
48 Moor, George Brough  23 Jan 1842Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1135
49 Moor, Jane  9 Feb 1845Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1140
50 Moor, John  30 Mar 1828Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1142
51 Moor, Mary Jane  23 Feb 1862Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1876
52 Moor, Sarah  20 Dec 1835Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1145
53 Moor, Thomas  13 Feb 1825Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1138
54 Moor, William  7 Oct 1832Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1136
55 Pattinson, Hannah  1 Aug 1847Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1122
56 Pattinson, Isabella  3 Mar 1850Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1118
57 Pattinson, Mary Ann  27 Jul 1845Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1117
58 Pattinson, William  27 Oct 1839Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1119
59 Willis, Birkett  3 Mar 1850Aspatria, Cumberland, England I3865


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Wallace, David  Abt 1914Aspatria, Cumberland, England I3538


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Brough, Frances  1911Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2942
2 Brough, Joseph Arthur  1861Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1163
3 Brough, Richard Fearon  Apr 1911Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1987
4 Brough, Thomas  1 Sep 1843Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1104
5 MacLean, John  1911Aspatria, Cumberland, England I490
6 Pattinson, William  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1119


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Beaty, Grace  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1168
2 Bibby, Jane  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I4725
3 Brough, Ann  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1110
4 Brough, Frances  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1331
5 Brough, Grace  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1108
6 Brough, James  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1160
7 Brough, John  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1103
8 Brough, Joseph  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I3054
9 Brough, Thomas  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1104
10 Brough, William  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1114
11 Gash, Esther  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1654
12 Grave, Tamar  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1116
13 Harrison, Mary  Apr 1719Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1442
14 Hodgson, Ann  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2814
15 Hodgson, Joseph  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2815
16 Hodgson, Joseph  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2807
17 Moor, Mary  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1144
18 Moor, Sarah  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1145
19 Parken, Daniel  Apr 1719Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1443
20 Pattinson, Hannah  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1122
21 Pattinson, Mary Ann  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1117
22 Pattinson, William  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1119
23 Pattinson, William  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1119
24 Pearson, Isabella  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I1180
25 Pearson, Willson  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2096
26 Sandwith, Henry William  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I4067
27 Sandwith, Joseph  1881Aspatria, Cumberland, England I4726
28 Thompson, Eleanor  1841Aspatria, Cumberland, England I2095


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brough / Hodgson  13 Apr 1762Aspatria, Cumberland, England F1035
2 Crone / Kennety  9 Jun 1749Aspatria, Cumberland, England F783
3 Holliday / Brough  21 Dec 1822Aspatria, Cumberland, England F446
4 Moor / Brough  25 Apr 1824Aspatria, Cumberland, England F448
5 Moor / Richardson  13 Jul 1788Aspatria, Cumberland, England F450
6 Parken / Harrison  21 May 1719Aspatria, Cumberland, England F364
7 Pattinson / Brough  18 Oct 1838Aspatria, Cumberland, England F309
8 Younghusband / Sibson  6 Sep 1692Aspatria, Cumberland, England F321
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