Bolton, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 "Holt", Ellen  Abt 1838Bolton, Lancashire, England I22645
2 "Knott", Mary  1819Bolton, Lancashire, England I22677
3 "Wiseman", Mary  Abt 1812Bolton, Lancashire, England I22564
4 Bolderson, William  Abt 1844Bolton, Lancashire, England I22002
5 Booth, Florrie  Jan 1899Bolton, Lancashire, England I22531
6 Brockhouse, Charles Edward  26 Dec 1911Bolton, Lancashire, England I3839
7 Brockhouse, David  21 Oct 1909Bolton, Lancashire, England I3844
8 Brockhouse, Jamie  29 Jul 1920Bolton, Lancashire, England I3843
9 Brockhouse, John Robert  27 Apr 1918Bolton, Lancashire, England I3842
10 Brockhouse, Sarah  4 Feb 1914Bolton, Lancashire, England I3841
11 Brough, Albert  6 Dec 1913Bolton, Lancashire, England I22632
12 Brough, Alfred  Oct 1884Bolton, Lancashire, England I22635
13 Brough, Alice  23 Jun 1904Bolton, Lancashire, England I22633
14 Brough, Ann Ellen  Jun 1881Bolton, Lancashire, England I22636
15 Brough, Annie  Abt Apr 1900Bolton, Lancashire, England I22628
16 Brough, Annie  25 Feb 1910Bolton, Lancashire, England I1269
17 Brough, Betsy  7 Feb 1875Bolton, Lancashire, England I1233
18 Brough, Charles William  Mar 1884Bolton, Lancashire, England I1240
19 Brough, Elizabeth  18 May 1853Bolton, Lancashire, England I25975
20 Brough, Elsie  Apr 1898Bolton, Lancashire, England I22639
21 Brough, Ethel  Oct 1893Bolton, Lancashire, England I22631
22 Brough, Fred  24 Jun 1907Bolton, Lancashire, England I1261
23 Brough, James  Abt 1870Bolton, Lancashire, England I1234
24 Brough, James  Mar 1895Bolton, Lancashire, England I1253
25 Brough, John F  23 Nov 1911Bolton, Lancashire, England I1259
26 Brough, John Francis  23 Sep 1872Bolton, Lancashire, England I1232
27 Brough, John Thomas  Apr 1866Bolton, Lancashire, England I22621
28 Brough, Jonathan  Jan 1899Bolton, Lancashire, England I22634
29 Brough, Joseph  Jul 1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I1251
30 Brough, Joyce  Dec 1952Bolton, Lancashire, England I9937
31 Brough, Louisa  Sep 1898Bolton, Lancashire, England I1252
32 Brough, Margaret Ann  Jun 1880Bolton, Lancashire, England I1238
33 Brough, Mary Alice  Mar 1905Bolton, Lancashire, England I1250
34 Brough, Mary Alice  14 Sep 1909Bolton, Lancashire, England I1260
35 Brough, Mary Elizabeth  Sep 1882Bolton, Lancashire, England I1231
36 Brough, Mary Ellen  Apr 1850Bolton, Lancashire, England I49422
37 Brough, Mary Ellen  Abt Jun 1887Bolton, Lancashire, England I22627
38 Brough, Robert  Jun 1911Bolton, Lancashire, England I1248
39 Brough, Robert Miller Mayor  22 Jul 1887Bolton, Lancashire, England I1230
40 Brough, Sarah  Abt 1897Bolton, Lancashire, England I1247
41 Brough, Sarah Alice  Jul 1886Bolton, Lancashire, England I1239
42 Brough, Sarah Ann  Abt 1880Bolton, Lancashire, England I1229
43 Brough, Thomas  Jul 1907Bolton, Lancashire, England I1249
44 Brough, William  Abt 1878Bolton, Lancashire, England I1228
45 Catterall, Lillian  Jul 1905Bolton, Lancashire, England I22539
46 Catterall, Thomas Henry  16 Mar 1893Bolton, Lancashire, England I22540
47 Clarkson, John  Abt 1908Bolton, Lancashire, England I1267
48 Clarkson, Richard  19 Feb 1913Bolton, Lancashire, England I1265
49 Cook, Albert Edward  9 Aug 1902Bolton, Lancashire, England I1272
50 Cook, Doris  Jan 1911Bolton, Lancashire, England I1274
51 Cook, May  15 May 1913Bolton, Lancashire, England I1271
52 Cook, William  Abt 1879Bolton, Lancashire, England I1275
53 Cook, William  Abt 1908Bolton, Lancashire, England I1273
54 Dugelby, Jane  Abt 1854Bolton, Lancashire, England I22548
55 Duggens, Hugh Henry  Abt 1842Bolton, Lancashire, England I36590
56 Fisher, Albert  Abt 1882Bolton, Lancashire, England I22650
57 Fisher, Albert  Mar 1922Bolton, Lancashire, England I9956
58 Fisher, Paul A  Sep 1947Bolton, Lancashire, England I9945
59 Glaister, Margaret  1831Bolton, Lancashire, England I422
60 Glaister, Mary Ann  1834Bolton, Lancashire, England I421
61 Glaister, Robert  1837Bolton, Lancashire, England I420
62 Glaister, Thomas  1828Bolton, Lancashire, England I423
63 Holden, Gladys  Mar 1920Bolton, Lancashire, England I3147
64 Holden, Harold  Jun 1921Bolton, Lancashire, England I3146
65 Holden, William  Jun 1917Bolton, Lancashire, England I3148
66 Holt, James  Abt 1837Bolton, Lancashire, England I22646
67 Holt, Mary Ellen  Apr 1861Bolton, Lancashire, England I22629
68 Hope, Alfred  Oct 1847Bolton, Lancashire, England I1534
69 Hudson, Lydia  Oct 1877Bolton, Lancashire, England I1262
70 Johnson, Mary  Abt 1858Bolton, Lancashire, England I22653
71 Naylor, Margaret  Apr 1874Bolton, Lancashire, England I22661
72 Openshaw, John Lee  2 Apr 1967Bolton, Lancashire, England I9951
73 Openshaw, John W  Jun 1948Bolton, Lancashire, England I9952
74 Patterson, Emma  Abt 1836Bolton, Lancashire, England I22561
75 Ratcliffe, Margaret  Abt 1819Bolton, Lancashire, England I3838
76 Robinson, Thomas  27 Jan 1898Bolton, Lancashire, England I22644
77 Scuse, Marian Margaret  16 Sep 1924Bolton, Lancashire, England I9955
78 Taylor, Elizabeth aka Betsy  Abt 1825Bolton, Lancashire, England I5531
79 Tinker, Amy  Apr 1894Bolton, Lancashire, England I9940
80 Turner, Annie  Apr 1875Bolton, Lancashire, England I1270
81 Vose, Mary Ann  12 Feb 1853Bolton, Lancashire, England I4035
82 Waite, Ann Jane  Dec 1853Bolton, Lancashire, England I22060
83 Waite, Christopher  Sep 1867Bolton, Lancashire, England I22056
84 Waite, James Askew  Dec 1857Bolton, Lancashire, England I22057
85 Waite, Mary Ellen  Sep 1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I22055
86 Waite, William Andrew  Mar 1865Bolton, Lancashire, England I22058
87 Whittle, Alan  Sep 1929Bolton, Lancashire, England I4648
88 Whittle, James Brough  12 May 1921Bolton, Lancashire, England I4653
89 Whittle, James Charles  Abt 1860Bolton, Lancashire, England I4655
90 Whittle, Louisa  Mar 1923Bolton, Lancashire, England I4652
91 Whittle, Mary A  Sep 1924Bolton, Lancashire, England I4650
92 Whittle, Richard  Abt 1884Bolton, Lancashire, England I4651
93 Whittle, Thomas K  Mar 1927Bolton, Lancashire, England I4649
94 Worsdale, Harriet  Abt 1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I22637
95 Worsdale, John  Abt 1833Bolton, Lancashire, England I22648
96 Worsdale, Mary aka Polly ?  Oct 1889Bolton, Lancashire, England I22630
97 Young, Phillip Nelson  Jun 1943Bolton, Lancashire, England I22332


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Mary  Mar 1896Bolton, Lancashire, England I22622
2 Brockhouse, Charles Edward  3 Aug 1959Bolton, Lancashire, England I3839
3 Brockhouse, John Robert  Aug 1995Bolton, Lancashire, England I3842
4 Brough, Alice  Mar 1973Bolton, Lancashire, England I22633
5 Brough, Betsy  Nov 1939Bolton, Lancashire, England I1233
6 Brough, Francis aka Frank  Sep 1910Bolton, Lancashire, England I1219
7 Brough, John  Apr 1900Bolton, Lancashire, England I22609
8 Brough, Lionel  Dec 1956Bolton, Lancashire, England I24910
9 Brough, Mary Elizabeth  15 Jun 1928Bolton, Lancashire, England I1231
10 Brough, Mary Ellen  Abt Jun 1887Bolton, Lancashire, England I22627
11 Broughton, Albert Edward  Jun 1925Bolton, Lancashire, England I43185
12 Catterall, Thomas Henry  Oct 1902Bolton, Lancashire, England I22540
13 Clarkson, John  Sep 1895Bolton, Lancashire, England I4034
14 Clarkson, Richard  13 Jul 1966Bolton, Lancashire, England I1268
15 Cook, Albert Edward  23 Sep 1938Bolton, Lancashire, England I1272
16 Cook, May  Jun 1983Bolton, Lancashire, England I1271
17 Coupe, Ann Riley  Jul 1866Bolton, Lancashire, England I22619
18 Glaister, Margaret  24 Feb 1896Bolton, Lancashire, England I422
19 Glaister, Sarah Jane  5 Jun 1863Bolton, Lancashire, England I418
20 Goold, Sarah Elizabeth  Jan 1913Bolton, Lancashire, England I4654
21 Haslam, Caroline  Jan 2005Bolton, Lancashire, England I22262
22 Holt, Mary Ellen  Apr 1887Bolton, Lancashire, England I22629
23 Hudson, Lydia  Jun 1951Bolton, Lancashire, England I1262
24 Malburn, Albert Sydney  Jun 1929Bolton, Lancashire, England I41112
25 Miller, Margaret  Dec 1886Bolton, Lancashire, England I1222
26 Robinson, Thomas  Mar 1953Bolton, Lancashire, England I22644
27 Scuse, Marian Margaret  16 Dec 2006Bolton, Lancashire, England I9955
28 Sewell, Thomas Cranmer  Jul 1883Bolton, Lancashire, England I22048
29 Swanwick, Betsy  24 Apr 1927Bolton, Lancashire, England I1241
30 Taylor, Harriet  Oct 1891Bolton, Lancashire, England I22647
31 Vose, Mary Ann  May 1888Bolton, Lancashire, England I4035
32 Waite, Christopher  Oct 1902Bolton, Lancashire, England I22056
33 Waite, Isabel  Dec 1926Bolton, Lancashire, England I22059
34 Whittle, James Charles  Mar 1931Bolton, Lancashire, England I4655
35 Whittle, Louisa  Abt 1997Bolton, Lancashire, England I4652
36 Worsdale, John  bfr 1881Bolton, Lancashire, England I22648


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Brough, John Francis  8 Sep 1914Bolton, Lancashire, England I1232


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Brough, Herbert Clifford  Sep 1939Bolton, Lancashire, England I48751


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 "Bell", Margaret  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I22665
2 Bell, Dorothy  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I22649
3 Brockhouse, David  2 Apr 1911Bolton, Lancashire, England I3844
4 Brockhouse, David  2 Apr 1911Bolton, Lancashire, England I3840
5 Brough, Charlotte  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I2591
6 Brough, James  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I1253
7 Brough, Jonathan  2 Apr 1911Bolton, Lancashire, England I22620
8 Brough, Joseph  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I1235
9 Brough, Louisa  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I1252
10 Brough, Margaret Ann  2 Apr 1911Bolton, Lancashire, England I1238
11 Brough, Mary Ellen  1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I22036
12 Brough, Mary Ellen  1891Bolton, Lancashire, England I22036
13 Brough, Sarah  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I1247
14 Glaister, Thomas  1851Bolton, Lancashire, England I423
15 Goold, Sarah Elizabeth  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I4654
16 Sewell, Sarah G  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I22050
17 Taylor, Louisa  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I1254
18 Waite, Ann Jane  1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I22060
19 Waite, Christopher  1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I22062
20 Waite, Christopher  1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I22056
21 Waite, Christopher  1891Bolton, Lancashire, England I22056
22 Waite, Christopher  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I22056
23 Waite, Henry Kirkbride  1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I22053
24 Waite, Isabel  1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I22059
25 Waite, James Askew  1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I22057
26 Waite, James Kirkbride  1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I22054
27 Waite, James Kirkbride  1891Bolton, Lancashire, England I22054
28 Waite, Mary Ellen  1891Bolton, Lancashire, England I22055
29 Waite, William Andrew  1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I22058
30 Whittle, James Charles  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I4655
31 Whittle, Richard  1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I4651


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brough / Holt  Jul 1880Bolton, Lancashire, England F8140
2 Brough / Hudson  15 Sep 1909Bolton, Lancashire, England F332
3 Brough / Smith  1932Bolton, Lancashire, England F8004
4 Brough / Smith  Aug 1986Bolton, Lancashire, England F3221
5 Brough / Swanwick  Jun 1878Bolton, Lancashire, England F327
6 Catterall / Patterson  1854Bolton, Lancashire, England F8118
7 Fisher / Scuse  Dec 1941Bolton, Lancashire, England F3225
8 Holden / Brough  22 Jan 1916Bolton, Lancashire, England F8155
9 John Pilling / Brough  Jul 1911Bolton, Lancashire, England F1339
10 Whittle / Goold  Jan 1883Bolton, Lancashire, England F1681
11 Young / Brough  Sep 1966Bolton, Lancashire, England F8034
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