Derby, Derbyshire, England



Matches 1 to 88 of 88

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 "Brough", Ann  Abt 1808Derby, Derbyshire, England I8983
2 "Brough", Lucy  1818Derby, Derbyshire, England I24474
3 "Cokayne", Edith  Abt 1880Derby, Derbyshire, England I7790
4 Alletson, Gladys Evelyn  16 Oct 1904Derby, Derbyshire, England I2755
5 Beardsley, Mary  Abt Jul 1671Derby, Derbyshire, England I8677
6 Beck, John G  Mar 1934Derby, Derbyshire, England I9789
7 Brentnall, Emma  13 Nov 1820Derby, Derbyshire, England I40944
8 Brough, Alfred  Apr 1850Derby, Derbyshire, England I9015
9 Brough, Alice Selina  Oct 1867Derby, Derbyshire, England I46669
10 Brough, Andrew M  Sep 1956Derby, Derbyshire, England I39288
11 Brough, Ann  Abt 1681Derby, Derbyshire, England I5856
12 Brough, Ann  Abt 1792Derby, Derbyshire, England I6191
13 Brough, Ann L  Abt 1833Derby, Derbyshire, England I8984
14 Brough, Annie  Jan 1893Derby, Derbyshire, England I46716
15 Brough, Bryan  Mar 1953Derby, Derbyshire, England I7674
16 Brough, Christine  Dec 1959Derby, Derbyshire, England I8255
17 Brough, Eleanor Heather  18 Jun 2004Derby, Derbyshire, England I16
18 Brough, Eliza  Oct 1837Derby, Derbyshire, England I46573
19 Brough, Elizabeth  Abt 1796Derby, Derbyshire, England I6189
20 Brough, Frank Edward  Apr 1885Derby, Derbyshire, England I46720
21 Brough, George  Abt 1808Derby, Derbyshire, England I6195
22 Brough, Ian G  Sep 1930Derby, Derbyshire, England I2754
23 Brough, James  Abt 1890Derby, Derbyshire, England I46717
24 Brough, John  Abt 1676Derby, Derbyshire, England I5857
25 Brough, John  Abt 1832Derby, Derbyshire, England I8985
26 Brough, John C  Sep 1957Derby, Derbyshire, England I5450
27 Brough, Jordan Dakin  Aug 1990Derby, Derbyshire, England I47125
28 Brough, Joseph  Abt 1800Derby, Derbyshire, England I6192
29 Brough, Leslie Dean  Dec 1968Derby, Derbyshire, England I39283
30 Brough, Martyn James  Sep 1980Derby, Derbyshire, England I9923
31 Brough, Mary  Abt 1698Derby, Derbyshire, England I5864
32 Brough, Mary  Abt 1875Derby, Derbyshire, England I21723
33 Brough, Natasha Michelle  Oct 1991Derby, Derbyshire, England I47126
34 Brough, Nathaniel  Abt 1699Derby, Derbyshire, England I5863
35 Brough, Nathaniell  Abt 1674Derby, Derbyshire, England I5854
36 Brough, Peter  Sep 1951Derby, Derbyshire, England I7675
37 Brough, Ralph  Abt 1678Derby, Derbyshire, England I5858
38 Brough, Thomas E  Abt 1870Derby, Derbyshire, England I46668
39 Brough, William  Abt 1806Derby, Derbyshire, England I6190
40 Brough, William  Abt 1887Derby, Derbyshire, England I46718
41 Brough, William Slack  Abt 1855Derby, Derbyshire, England I8135
42 Clarke, Elizabeth  18 Jul 1864Derby, Derbyshire, England I46719
43 Cokayne, Edith Mary  Sep 1903Derby, Derbyshire, England I6109
44 Cokayne, John  Abt 1878Derby, Derbyshire, England I7791
45 Colburn, James Edwin  3 Jan 1882Derby, Derbyshire, England I46870
46 Colburn, Janice C  1951Derby, Derbyshire, England I39042
47 Colburn, Richard G H  Sep 1955Derby, Derbyshire, England I39044
48 Colburn, Sidney  11 Jul 1907Derby, Derbyshire, England I39045
49 Coope, Samuel Henry  Sep 1840Derby, Derbyshire, England I39748
50 Davenport, Joseph  Abt 1780Derby, Derbyshire, England I6021
51 Davison, Barbara  Jul 1912Derby, Derbyshire, England I21885
52 Davison, Evelyn Mary  16 Jul 1905Derby, Derbyshire, England I21887
53 Davison, Nora Isobel  9 Jan 1920Derby, Derbyshire, England I21886
54 Draper, Elsie  1906Derby, Derbyshire, England I46871
55 Edwards, Maureen S  Jun 1955Derby, Derbyshire, England I47123
56 Fleck, James Henry  Jan 1858Derby, Derbyshire, England I9020
57 Fowler, Richard  15 Dec 1588Derby, Derbyshire, England I39354
58 Fynney, Cicely  23 Jan 1897Derby, Derbyshire, England I38389
59 Haywood, Ellen Selina aka Nellie  Jan 1876Derby, Derbyshire, England I47336
60 Hewitt, Edward Tarleton  Jan 1874Derby, Derbyshire, England I46733
61 Hewitt, Joseph  Abt 1837Derby, Derbyshire, England I46738
62 Maude, Alison Rosemary  Sep 1970Derby, Derbyshire, England I44587
63 Noon, William Henry  21 Feb 1910Derby, Derbyshire, England I7688
64 Oldfield, Frank  Abt May 1906Derby, Derbyshire, England I46706
65 Oldfield, Reginald  Apr 1907Derby, Derbyshire, England I46708
66 Oldfield, Winifred  Abt May 1903Derby, Derbyshire, England I46707
67 Peet, Elizabeth  Jul 1840Derby, Derbyshire, England I46734
68 Pegg, George  at 1806Derby, Derbyshire, England I5901
69 Pegg, Harriet  Abt 1809Derby, Derbyshire, England I5902
70 Pegg, Mary  Abt 1803Derby, Derbyshire, England I5903
71 Pegg, Rupert  Abt 1811Derby, Derbyshire, England I5904
72 Selvey, Jane  Abt 1846Derby, Derbyshire, England I8266
73 Shipley, Emma Elizabeth  Abt 1886Derby, Derbyshire, England I46659
74 Shipley, Hannah  28 Sep 1883Derby, Derbyshire, England I46660
75 Swingler, Norman Hugh  14 Aug 1879Derby, Derbyshire, England I36912
76 Twigg, Harriett Eliza  Jan 1848Derby, Derbyshire, England I46638
77 Twigg, Joseph  Abt 1845Derby, Derbyshire, England I46639
78 Twigg, Louisa  Oct 1840Derby, Derbyshire, England I46634
79 Twigg, Sarah Ann  Abt 1836Derby, Derbyshire, England I46636
80 Twigg, Susan  Abt 1841Derby, Derbyshire, England I46641
81 Twigg, Thomas William  Oct 1855Derby, Derbyshire, England I46635
82 Whitticase, Frank Douglas  16 Nov 1916Derby, Derbyshire, England I47117
83 Winfield, Alice E  Apr 1878Derby, Derbyshire, England I46701
84 Winfield, Frederick  Apr 1851Derby, Derbyshire, England I46678
85 Winfield, Frederick William  Jan 1874Derby, Derbyshire, England I46703
86 Winfield, John H  Abt 1876Derby, Derbyshire, England I46702
87 Wood, Mary  Dec 1854Derby, Derbyshire, England I46698
88 Woodward, Clara Elizabeth  Sep 1863Derby, Derbyshire, England I6337


Matches 1 to 101 of 101

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Archer, Wilfred  Jun 1981Derby, Derbyshire, England I6113
2 Armes, Irene  Aug 1992Derby, Derbyshire, England I9315
3 Brough, Agnes  Jun 1969Derby, Derbyshire, England I46730
4 Brough, Alfred  24 Dec 1961Derby, Derbyshire, England I6293
5 Brough, Alice  Dec 1920Derby, Derbyshire, England I5938
6 Brough, Alice Selina  Abt 28 Jul 1875Derby, Derbyshire, England I46669
7 Brough, Ann  Mar 1940Derby, Derbyshire, England I6250
8 Brough, Arthur  Mar 1972Derby, Derbyshire, England I46723
9 Brough, Arthur Leonard  Mar 2006Derby, Derbyshire, England I10362
10 Brough, Benjamin  2 Feb 1893Derby, Derbyshire, England I45662
11 Brough, Beryl  8 Dec 2010Derby, Derbyshire, England I7695
12 Brough, Christine  Dec 1959Derby, Derbyshire, England I8255
13 Brough, Cicely  24 Apr 2005Derby, Derbyshire, England I10337
14 Brough, Cornelia  19 Sep 1843Derby, Derbyshire, England I5884
15 Brough, Doris  Dec 1957Derby, Derbyshire, England I46742
16 Brough, Edwin  Abt 11 Jun 1905Derby, Derbyshire, England I46643
17 Brough, Elizabeth  Sep 1997Derby, Derbyshire, England I46596
18 Brough, Elizabeth Ann  31 Dec 1964Derby, Derbyshire, England I6095
19 Brough, Elizabeth Anne Stables  20 Oct 1923Derby, Derbyshire, England I5909
20 Brough, Ellen  Mar 1957Derby, Derbyshire, England I6097
21 Brough, Frank  Jul 1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I5950
22 Brough, Frank Edward  Abt 20 Jun 1893Derby, Derbyshire, England I46720
23 Brough, Fred  Jun 1928Derby, Derbyshire, England I46732
24 Brough, James  Oct 1889Derby, Derbyshire, England I46642
25 Brough, James  Mar 1945Derby, Derbyshire, England I46717
26 Brough, Jane  Jan 1879Derby, Derbyshire, England I46645
27 Brough, John Corbett  15 Jan 1948Derby, Derbyshire, England I10366
28 Brough, Keith David  11 Sep 2011Derby, Derbyshire, England I7694
29 Brough, Leonard  17 May 1999Derby, Derbyshire, England I7483
30 Brough, Mary Jane  22 Nov 1964Derby, Derbyshire, England I7397
31 Brough, Phoebe  Jun 1866Derby, Derbyshire, England I6582
32 Brough, Ralph  17 May 1972Derby, Derbyshire, England I40161
33 Brough, Raymond  Oct 1996Derby, Derbyshire, England I46744
34 Brough, Ruth  Jun 1938Derby, Derbyshire, England I46647
35 Brough, Thomas  2 Aug 1846Derby, Derbyshire, England I46550
36 Brough, Thomas  Abt 24 Sep 1884Derby, Derbyshire, England I46556
37 Brough, Thomas E  bfr 1881Derby, Derbyshire, England I46668
38 Brough or Bruff, Margaret  7 Dec 1884Derby, Derbyshire, England I46558
39 Brough or Bruff, Martha  Derby, Derbyshire, England I46555
40 Brown, Wilfred Abraham  Mar 1976Derby, Derbyshire, England I46748
41 Byard, Dora Emily  Feb 2000Derby, Derbyshire, England I6119
42 Chalkley, Esther  Jun 1962Derby, Derbyshire, England I46655
43 Chalkley, Helena  Mar 1929Derby, Derbyshire, England I46651
44 Chalkley, Mary  Apr 1907Derby, Derbyshire, England I46672
45 Chalkley, Selina  Mar 1980Derby, Derbyshire, England I46654
46 Clarke, Elizabeth  Jun 1908Derby, Derbyshire, England I46719
47 Colburn, James Edwin  5 May 1955Derby, Derbyshire, England I46870
48 Colburn, Sidney  12 Oct 1983Derby, Derbyshire, England I39045
49 Crowder, George William  Jun 1958Derby, Derbyshire, England I8041
50 Eaton, Benjamin  Mar 1963Derby, Derbyshire, England I6307
51 Eaton, Everlyn  1 Jan 1991Derby, Derbyshire, England I6306
52 Eaton, John  Jun 1918Derby, Derbyshire, England I8230
53 Eaton, John aka Jack  Feb 1964Derby, Derbyshire, England I6308
54 Else, Dorothy Margaret  Aug 2003Derby, Derbyshire, England I6124
55 Fleck, James Henry  Jul 1904Derby, Derbyshire, England I9020
56 Garratt, Mary Ann  Jun 1927Derby, Derbyshire, England I46713
57 Green, Alice  Oct 1904Derby, Derbyshire, England I46688
58 Guy, Charles John  Dec 1979Derby, Derbyshire, England I35876
59 Hale, Herbert Alfred  18 Apr 1969Derby, Derbyshire, England I9291
60 Hale, Phyllis Mary  Sep 1975Derby, Derbyshire, England I7697
61 Hartshorne, Hilda  Nov 1998Derby, Derbyshire, England I7620
62 Herrod, John  Jul 1883Derby, Derbyshire, England I8079
63 Hogg, Benjamin  Mar 1971Derby, Derbyshire, England I7037
64 Johnson, Ethel May  11 Feb 1991Derby, Derbyshire, England I9296
65 Leavers, Fanny Elizabeth  Mar 1966Derby, Derbyshire, England I9292
66 Marriott, Jonathan  3 Jul 1962Derby, Derbyshire, England I7088
67 Noon, John  13 Oct 1968Derby, Derbyshire, England I7689
68 Noon, Thomas  Dec 1925Derby, Derbyshire, England I7701
69 Oldfield, Thomas  Abt 20 Jan 1895Derby, Derbyshire, England I46712
70 Oldknow, Hannah  Abt 31 Jan 1888Derby, Derbyshire, England I46648
71 Pegg, James  Jan 1884Derby, Derbyshire, England I5898
72 Pegg, Rupert  14 Sep 1845Derby, Derbyshire, England I5904
73 Pinkstone, Sarah  Mar 1876Derby, Derbyshire, England I46699
74 Poole, Edwin Eric  Jun 1983Derby, Derbyshire, England I7404
75 Poole, Maude Annie  Sep 1983Derby, Derbyshire, England I7401
76 Puckhaber, Alice Lilian  Jun 1977Derby, Derbyshire, England I10363
77 Roberts, Theadotia  Abt 1727Derby, Derbyshire, England I5862
78 Shipley, Alice  Jun 1930Derby, Derbyshire, England I46661
79 Shipley, George  Jul 1881Derby, Derbyshire, England I46664
80 Shipley, Hannah  Mar 1981Derby, Derbyshire, England I46660
81 Shipley, Mary Eveline  Dec 1961Derby, Derbyshire, England I46658
82 Shipley, Thomas William  Oct 1909Derby, Derbyshire, England I46662
83 Smith, Catherine  Mar 1940Derby, Derbyshire, England I7338
84 Sproston, Millicent  20 May 1977Derby, Derbyshire, England I40173
85 Swingler, Norman Hugh  6 Aug 1951Derby, Derbyshire, England I36912
86 Tomblin, Charles  Jun 1917Derby, Derbyshire, England I8260
87 Turner, George  1891Derby, Derbyshire, England I8053
88 Twigg, Elizabeth  Jan 1894Derby, Derbyshire, England I46637
89 Twigg, Harriett Eliza  Sep 1917Derby, Derbyshire, England I46638
90 Twigg, John  13 Dec 1889Derby, Derbyshire, England I46640
91 Vickers, Hannah  Abt 1 Jun 1892Derby, Derbyshire, England I46692
92 Whieldon, Frederick Thomas  Dec 1974Derby, Derbyshire, England I38006
93 Whitticase, Frank Douglas  Apr 2003Derby, Derbyshire, England I47117
94 Whitticase, John Thomas  22 Apr 1951Derby, Derbyshire, England I47119
95 Winfield, Frederick  Mar 1928Derby, Derbyshire, England I46678
96 Winfield, John H  Mar 1952Derby, Derbyshire, England I46702
97 Wood, Mary  Jan 1881Derby, Derbyshire, England I46698
98 Woodhouse, Helena  Sep 1935Derby, Derbyshire, England I6326
99 Wren, Henry  Mar 1932Derby, Derbyshire, England I46679
100 Wren, James  Abt 31 Jan 1887Derby, Derbyshire, England I46693
101 Wren, William  31 Oct 1928Derby, Derbyshire, England I46680


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Brentnall, Emma  16 May 1821Derby, Derbyshire, England I40944
2 Brough, Mary  2 Jan 1699Derby, Derbyshire, England I5864
3 Robinson, George William  6 Oct 1878Derby, Derbyshire, England I7965
4 Swingler, Norman Hugh  17 Sep 1879Derby, Derbyshire, England I36912

Criminal Conviction

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Criminal Conviction    Person ID 
1 Raynor, George  8 Jun 1831Derby, Derbyshire, England I9289


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Spence, Leslie Victor  26 Apr 1918Derby, Derbyshire, England I7496


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Brough, Charles  1891Derby, Derbyshire, England I5944
2 Brough, Charles  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I5944
3 Brough, Elizabeth Ann  1 Apr 1911Derby, Derbyshire, England I6095
4 Brough, Ellen  1 Apr 1911Derby, Derbyshire, England I6097
5 Brough, Frank  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I5950
6 Brough, Gilkerson Carr  1 Jun 1928Derby, Derbyshire, England I2739
7 Brough, Harold  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I5949
8 Brough, Henry  1911Derby, Derbyshire, England I7368


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 "Noon", Martha  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I7700
2 "Noon", Martha  2 Apr 1911Derby, Derbyshire, England I7700
3 Alletson, Samuel Croft  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I4678
4 Amatt, Louisa Emmeline or Emily  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I6317
5 Amatt, Louisa Emmeline or Emily  2 Apr 1911Derby, Derbyshire, England I6317
6 Bailey, Abraham  1851Derby, Derbyshire, England I8140
7 Bailey, Abraham  1861Derby, Derbyshire, England I8140
8 Bailey, Abraham  1871Derby, Derbyshire, England I8140
9 Bailey, Martha Gledhill  1851Derby, Derbyshire, England I8137
10 Bailey, Martha Gledhill  1861Derby, Derbyshire, England I8137
11 Birch, Alice  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I39355
12 Brough, Alice  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I5938
13 Brough, Daniel  1891Derby, Derbyshire, England I37816
14 Brough, Frank  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I5950
15 Brough, Harold  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I5949
16 Brough, Henry Harold  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I40933
17 Brough, William  Sep 1957Derby, Derbyshire, England I3708
18 Brown, Enoch Henry  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I6799
19 Davenport, Joseph  1 Mar 1802Derby, Derbyshire, England I6021
20 Fearn, George  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I38083
21 Fox, Isabella  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I38084
22 Fynney, Alfred Augustus  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I39356
23 Fynney, Cicely  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I38389
24 Gledhill, Ellen  1851Derby, Derbyshire, England I8139
25 Gledhill, Ellen  1861Derby, Derbyshire, England I8139
26 Gledhill, Ellen  1871Derby, Derbyshire, England I8139
27 Longmate, Emma  2 Apr 1911Derby, Derbyshire, England I8127
28 Noon, John  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I7689
29 Noon, Thomas  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I7701
30 Roby, Alice Jane  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I4677
31 Spence, Joseph William  1918Derby, Derbyshire, England I9917
32 Swingler, Norman Hugh  11 May 1896Derby, Derbyshire, England I36912
33 Twigg, Elizabeth  1891Derby, Derbyshire, England I46637
34 Walker, Sarah  1 Mar 1802Derby, Derbyshire, England I6023
35 White, Benjamin  1901Derby, Derbyshire, England I6318
36 White, Benjamin  2 Apr 1911Derby, Derbyshire, England I6318


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brough / Cokayne  Sep 1953Derby, Derbyshire, England F1990
2 Brough / Garnham  Sep 1995Derby, Derbyshire, England F1209
3 Byard / Brindley  Jan 1866Derby, Derbyshire, England F1998
4 Clarke / Peet  26 Aug 1860Derby, Derbyshire, England F15953
5 Colburn / Draper  2 Aug 1930Derby, Derbyshire, England F16055
6 Dyer / Dalby  Apr 1865Derby, Derbyshire, England F14828
7 Hewitt / Brough  Jun 1901Derby, Derbyshire, England F15955
8 Little / Brough  Apr 1879Derby, Derbyshire, England F1992
9 MacDonall / Brough  Jul 1873Derby, Derbyshire, England F15932
10 Podmore / Towndrow  1897Derby, Derbyshire, England F1957
11 Winfield / Pinkstone  Apr 1843Derby, Derbyshire, England F15945
12 Winfield / Wood  Jan 1873Derby, Derbyshire, England F15942
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