Whitehaven, Cumberland, England



Matches 1 to 84 of 84

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 "Baker", Annie  Abt 1847Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I44386
2 "Brough", Nancy  Abt 1795Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I49445
3 Anderson, Elizabeth  Abt 1828Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3119
4 Backhouse, Brian  Jun 1939Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4536
5 Backhouse, Lilian  Dec 1934Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4535
6 Backhouse, Marjorie  Jun 1922Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4534
7 Backhouse, Vera  Dec 1932Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4533
8 Barber, Hannah  1838Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I46928
9 Bell, Irene  Sep 1930Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4688
10 Bloomer, Rosanna  Abt 1827Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I5151
11 Brough, Alice Ann  Nov 1874Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3611
12 Brough, Alison E  Mar 1953Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2081
13 Brough, Amanda E  Dec 1961Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2085
14 Brough, Angela G  Jun 1957Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2086
15 Brough, Carter  Abt 1785Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2376
16 Brough, Craig Andrew  Dec 1973Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2084
17 Brough, Daniel  Abt 1781Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I945
18 Brough, Deborah  3 Jun 1823Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2380
19 Brough, Dennis  Jun 1933Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2045
20 Brough, Edith  5 Dec 1924Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2069
21 Brough, Elizabeth  Abt Sep 1788Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2316
22 Brough, Elizabeth J  Jun 1947Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2082
23 Brough, Geoffrey Towerson  Sep 1933Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2070
24 Brough, Gillian A  Jun 1965Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2080
25 Brough, Gladys  Jun 1917Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2049
26 Brough, Hannah  Apr 1829Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3628
27 Brough, Henry  Abt 1699Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4587
28 Brough, Henry  Feb 1826Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3631
29 Brough, Henry  Oct 1848Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4024
30 Brough, Isaac  Aug 1831Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3632
31 Brough, John  Abt 1815Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2379
32 Brough, John Desmond  25 Jun 1921Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2072
33 Brough, John I  Jun 1965Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2079
34 Brough, John J  1935Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2044
35 Brough, John Joseph  11 Jul 1895Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2544
36 Brough, Jonathan  Abt 1853Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3117
37 Brough, Joseph  Abt 1818Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2378
38 Brough, Joseph  Nov 1870Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3615
39 Brough, Leslie  Sep 1925Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2046
40 Brough, Leslie  5 Nov 1960Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3601
41 Brough, Margaret  Abt 1827Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3627
42 Brough, Margaret  Abt 1852Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3760
43 Brough, Martha  9 Dec 1922Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2047
44 Brough, Mary  Abt 1853Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4025
45 Brough, Mary Ann  15 Mar 1811Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2381
46 Brough, Mary Elizabeth  Mar 1872Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3614
47 Brough, Mary Elizabeth  21 Dec 1897Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2543
48 Brough, Maud  Dec 1932Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3585
49 Brough, Robert Alexander  11 Jun 1930Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3586
50 Brough, Ronald  29 Jun 1930Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2043
51 Brough, Sarah Ann  Abt 1889Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2541
52 Brough, Shirley  Mar 1964Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3600
53 Brough, Thomas Henry  10 Jan 1887Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2547
54 Brough, William  Abt 1857Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3755
55 Brough, William  Abt 1878Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3616
56 Brough, William Hetherington  4 May 1892Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2546
57 Brough, William Tennison  6 Aug 1920Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2048
58 Brown, Margaret  Abt 1832Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2747
59 Bruff, Eleanor  Abt 1759Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4578
60 Bruff or Brough, Frank  Abt 1773Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4570
61 Bruff or Brough, Henry  Abt 1765Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4573
62 Bruff or Brough, James  Abt 1762Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4574
63 Bruff or Brough, James  Abt 1775Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4571
64 Bruff or Brough, John  Abt 1770Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4572
65 Bruff or Brough, Mary  Abt 1768Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4569
66 Cockbain, Hannah Harrington  Sep 1867Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3570
67 Colthart, Mary  Abt 1746Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I5068
68 Cox, Walter Richard  20 Jan 1904Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I5281
69 Davidson, Isabella  Abt 1881Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4925
70 Donaldson, Raymond  13 Nov 1932Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4540
71 Gate, Christine M  Mar 1954Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2088
72 Gate, George B  May 1951Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2089
73 Kirkpatrick, James Nicholson  Jan 1879Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2690
74 Mackie, Joanne Lisa  Jun 1974Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4448
75 Mavir, Hartley  Sep 1925Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4689
76 McDowall, Elizabeth Brown  Sep 1866Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2743
77 Nicholson, Sarah Emma  Abt 1847Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2708
78 Pearson, Elizabeth  29 Mar 1805Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I48820
79 Redmond, Margaret Mary  Dec 1933Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4531
80 Regan, Timothy Ambrose  Abt 1833Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3478
81 Smith, Hannah  Abt 1884Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4027
82 Smith, Henry  Abt 1882Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4028
83 Taylor, Elizabeth  Abt 1844Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3613
84 Topping, Newall  1809Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I5060


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ackerley, Alfred Henry  Apr 1958Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2040
2 Anderson, Wells  1835Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3121
3 Backhouse, John Bragg  Dec 1968Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4537
4 Brough, Ada  4 Oct 1962Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3172
5 Brough, Allison  Dec 1860Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3625
6 Brough, Ann Swinburn  26 Jun 1957Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I941
7 Brough, Edith  Dec 1966Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2023
8 Brough, Edith  May 1995Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2069
9 Brough, Edith Mary  14 Nov 1999Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I1479
10 Brough, Esther  Dec 1975Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2018
11 Brough, Hannah George  Jun 1975Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2545
12 Brough, Hannah Sarah  Mar 1960Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2584
13 Brough, Hilda  Aug 2000Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2020
14 Brough, Jane  Oct 1902Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I1435
15 Brough, Jessie  Jan 1910Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2604
16 Brough, John  31 Aug 1973Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I979
17 Brough, John Joseph  Sep 1981Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2544
18 Brough, Sarah Ann  Mar 1929Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2541
19 Brough, William Hetherington  Dec 1980Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2546
20 Brough, Wilson  May 1994Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I981
21 Bruff or Brough, James  Abt 1774Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4574
22 Danks, Robina  Dec 1985Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2669
23 Donaldson, Raymond  28 Jun 1981Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4540
24 Donaldson, Thomas  Mar 1933Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4963
25 Donaldson, Thomas  Jun 1971Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4538
26 Donaldson, Thomas Eric  Jun 2000Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4539
27 Douglas, Joseph  Jun 1943Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2651
28 Greggain, Jefferson  Jun 1980Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2683
29 Jackson, Jessie  Jul 1901Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2677
30 Johnston, Jane Lowther  Dec 1940Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2834
31 Kirkpatrick, James Nicholson  Jun 1953Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2690
32 Kirkpatrick, William  Jul 1914Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2709
33 Lightfoot, Joseph Wilson  Mar 1975Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I1939
34 Mavir, Andrea Siona  Mar 1996Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3608
35 Mitchell, Mona  Jun 1980Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4616
36 Moore, Ella Jane  Jun 1982Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2671
37 Nicholson, Sarah Emma  Apr 1884Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2708
38 Nixon, William Henry  Dec 1970Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3064
39 Pattinson, Hannah  Jun 1921Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I5035
40 Pearson, Willson  Jun 1855Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2096
41 Sandwith, Robert Henry  Jun 1970Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4068
42 Scott, Sarah  Mar 1919Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3574
43 Thompson, Leslie  Jan 1909Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2688
44 Topping, James  Apr 1845Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I5067
45 Topping, Joseph  Jan 1849Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I5061
46 Topping, William  Jul 1842Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I5066
47 Tweddle, Daniel Brough  Jun 1906Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I1772
48 Veivers, Grace  Dec 1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2611
49 Willis, Frederick Gordon  30 Nov 1951Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3867


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Gate, Thomas Kendal  15 Jan 1970Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3214


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Brough, Joseph Alexander  5 Jul 1911Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3371


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Brough, George  1 Apr 1736Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3378
2 Brough, Mary  1881Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4025
3 Brough or Bruff, William  1 Apr 1881Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3612
4 Rodgerson, Jane or Jennie  1 Apr 1901Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3373


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Elizabeth  1856Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3119
2 Askew, Henry  1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3575
3 Askew, Henry  1901Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3575
4 Backhouse, John Bragg  1901Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4537
5 Backhouse, Robert Pattinson  1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4783
6 Backhouse, Robert Pattinson  1901Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4783
7 Brough, Alice Ann  1881Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3611
8 Brough, George  1 Apr 1736Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3378
9 Brough, Mary Elizabeth  1881Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3614
10 Brough, Mary Elizabeth  1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3614
11 Brough, Mary Elizabeth  1901Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3614
12 Brough, Sarah Ann  1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2541
13 Brough, Thomas Henry  1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2547
14 Brough, William  1881Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3616
15 Brough, William  1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3616
16 Brough, William  1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2538
17 Brough or Bruff, William  1881Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3612
18 Brough or Bruff, William  1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3612
19 Brownlee, Lilian Storrie  1901Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4784
20 Bruff or Brough, Henry  1775Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4568
21 Hetherington, Mary Elizabeth  1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2548
22 Kirkpatrick, James Nicholson  1881Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2690
23 Kirkpatrick, William  1881Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2709
24 Nicholson, Sarah Emma  1871Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2708
25 Nicholson, Sarah Emma  1881Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I2708
26 Scott, Sarah  1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3574
27 Scott, Sarah  1901Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3574
28 Scott, Sarah  2 Apr 1911Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3574
29 Singleton, Mary  1775Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I4575
30 Taylor, Elizabeth  1881Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3613
31 Taylor, Elizabeth  1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3613
32 Taylor, Elizabeth  1901Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I3613
33 Tweddle, Daniel Brough  1881Whitehaven, Cumberland, England I1772


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Backhouse / Brough  12 Apr 1921Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1267
2 Barwise / Brough  19 Nov 1754Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1121
3 Brough / Andrewather  Dec 1956Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F487
4 Brough / Blaylock  Mar 1960Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F816
5 Brough / Glaister  Jun 1960Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F815
6 Brough / Hetherington  11 Dec 1886Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F575
7 Brough / Mackie  Jun 2002Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1082
8 Brough / Redmond  Dec 1952Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1139
9 Brough / Rodgerson  Mar 1891Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F747
10 Brough / Wilkinson  Jun 1920Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F811
11 Brough or Bruff / Taylor  1869Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F820
12 Chambers / Brough  Dec 1974Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1087
13 Cockbain / Harrington  1865Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F893
14 Cox / Wrape  Sep 1929Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1519
15 Denham / Brough  Mar 1913Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F814
16 Ferguson / Brown  1869Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F931
17 Gate / Brough  Jun 1947Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F488
18 Glaister / Dargavel  1923Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1137
19 Jackson / Dougherty  Oct 1861Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1516
20 Kirkpatrick / Nicholson  Apr 1869Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1391
21 Lachlison / Brown  1854Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F932
22 Lang / Brough  Aug 1997Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1085
23 Mackie / Malone  Sep 1969Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1149
24 McDowell / Brown  1865Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F933
25 Nixon / Brough  Jun 1967Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1086
26 Sandwith / Bibby  Oct 1844Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1247
27 Smith / Brough  1878Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F948
28 Wilson / Brough  Sep 1980Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1084
29 Wright / Brough  Jun 1976Whitehaven, Cumberland, England F1083
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