Boston, Lincolnshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 "Peacock", Susannah  Abt 1846Boston, Lincolnshire, England I9251
2 Ablewhite, Harriet  Abt 1810Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22899
3 Amos, Arthur  Jul 1875Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23393
4 Atkin, George William  Apr 1838Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23749
5 Atkin, John  12 Dec 1832Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23746
6 Atkin, Joseph M  24 Mar 1854Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23744
7 Atkin, Juliet  Abt Feb 1835Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23739
8 Atkin, Thomas  1811Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23740
9 Atkins, Alfred  Abt 1832Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23743
10 Atkins, John Robert  Abt Sep 1840Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23741
11 Brough, Adeliza Louisa  Abt Sep 1835Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22856
12 Brough, Alice  Jan 1877Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23387
13 Brough, Ann  Apr 1839Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23676
14 Brough, Ann Thorp  Abt 1819Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22892
15 Brough, Elizabeth  Abt 1833Boston, Lincolnshire, England I24065
16 Brough, Elizabeth aka Betsy  Abt 1833Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22893
17 Brough, Evelyn Lucy  Jan 1904Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23857
18 Brough, Florence  Jul 1878Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23388
19 Brough, Frances  Abt Sep 1802Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22864
20 Brough, Frances  Apr 1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22894
21 Brough, Frederick Pell  Abt 1824Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22874
22 Brough, Harriet Emma  Jan 1866Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22886
23 Brough, Henry John  Abt Nov 1825Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22876
24 Brough, John  Abt 1804Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22863
25 Brough, John B  Abt 1847Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22853
26 Brough, John Stuart  29 Nov 1907Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23854
27 Brough, Judith Ann  Jun 1940Boston, Lincolnshire, England I40187
28 Brough, Lionel Wharton  6 May 1906Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23856
29 Brough, Lucy  Jul 1848Boston, Lincolnshire, England I24060
30 Brough, Mabel  Jan 1892Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23446
31 Brough, Mary Ann  Abt 1830Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22896
32 Brough, Mary Ann  Abt 1832Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22851
33 Brough, Mary Elizabeth  Jul 1869Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23383
34 Brough, Patricia M  Dec 1927Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23861
35 Brough, Pell  11 May 1798Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22865
36 Brough, Rebecca  Abt 1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England I24062
37 Brough, Reginald Philip  15 Jan 1911Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23855
38 Brough, Richard  Abt 1844Boston, Lincolnshire, England I24057
39 Brough, Robert  Abt Jan 1800Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22850
40 Brough, Sarah  17 May 1794Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22860
41 Brough, Thomas  Abt 1796Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22862
42 Brough, Thomas  Abt 1837Boston, Lincolnshire, England I24061
43 Brough, William  Abt 1835Boston, Lincolnshire, England I24064
44 Brough aka Amos, Elizabeth Mary  Abt 1870Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23391
45 Brough aka Bruff, John  1760Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22855
46 Brough aka Bruff, Joseph  Abt 1806Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22859
47 Cook, Ann  13 Jan 1825Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22872
48 Cook, Frances  Abt Jun 1823Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22871
49 Cook, John  Abt 1801Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22868
50 Cook, John Brough  Abt May 1822Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22873
51 Cook, Jonathan  1778Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23317
52 Cook, Louisa  Abt 1829Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22869
53 Cook, William  Abt Apr 1826Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22870
54 Dann, Harriet  Apr 1848Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23415
55 Dann, John  Abt 1820Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23417
56 Dann, John Thomas  Jan 1846Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23416
57 Everitt, Alfred  1865Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23313
58 Everitt, Betsy A  Jul 1857Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23315
59 Everitt, Clara  Apr 1869Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23312
60 Everitt, Elizabeth  Abt 1868Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23311
61 Everitt, Emily  Oct 1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23310
62 Everitt, Georgeina  Jul 1860Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23309
63 Everitt, Jesse  Jan 1856Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23306
64 Everitt, Tom Howard  Abt 1867Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23314
65 Everitt, William  Oct 1859Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23305
66 Frith, William  Oct 1842Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23776
67 Hildred, Betsy Ann  31 Dec 1900Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23400
68 Hildred, Grace Annie  4 Oct 1895Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23399
69 Hildred, Joseph Brough  Dec 1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23397
70 Hildred, Louisa Jane  Dec 1898Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23401
71 Hildred, Mary  Jul 1893Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23398
72 Hildred, William  22 Jun 1889Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23396
73 Mottram, Alice  Jan 1910Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23439
74 Mottram, Dorothy  Abt 1903Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23441
75 Mottram, Ernest William  Apr 1904Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23436
76 Mottram, Florence  Jan 1905Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23437
77 Mottram, Ivy  Jan 1909Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23440
78 Mottram, Joseph Arthur  Oct 1906Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23438
79 Smith, George  Abt 1864Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23487
80 Smith, Mary Ann  1866Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23486
81 Smith, Savina  Abt 1849Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23488
82 Tooley, Ann  1780Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23318
83 Veall, John Robert  Apr 1865Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23389
84 Wilson, Charlotte  6 Dec 1831Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22885
85 Wilson, Elizabeth  10 Apr 1823Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22878
86 Wilson, Emma  12 May 1827Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22882
87 Wilson, Henry  Abt May 1821Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22883
88 Wilson, John Brough  Jul 1817Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22884
89 Wilson, Louisa  20 Aug 1819Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22881
90 Wilson, Sarah Ann  Abt Jan 1825Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22879
91 Woodthorpe, William  Abt 1795Boston, Lincolnshire, England I24033


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 "Brough", Elizabeth  bfr 1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I24063
2 "Brough", Phoebe or Rebecca  Jul 1882Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22852
3 Amos, Frederick  Jun 1959Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23392
4 Barrs, Rebecca  Mar 1931Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23385
5 Blackbond, Mary  Dec 1904Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23376
6 Brough, Ann Thorp  Abt 12 Jun 1821Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22892
7 Brough, Charles  Jun 1923Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23761
8 Brough, Charles Roberts  Aug 1987Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23626
9 Brough, Frances  Sep 1870Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22864
10 Brough, John Nicholas  Abt Jan 1876Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22895
11 Brough, John Thomas  Abt 31 Oct 1887Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23378
12 Brough, Lionel Wharton  Jun 1997Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23856
13 Brough, Lucy  Jan 1852Boston, Lincolnshire, England I24060
14 Brough, Lucy  Jan 1874Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23780
15 Brough, Pell  Abt 4 May 1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22865
16 Brough, Robert  Apr 1866Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22850
17 Brough, Sarah  Oct 1848Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22860
18 Brough, William  17 Dec 1885Boston, Lincolnshire, England I24056
19 Cook, John  1840Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22868
20 Cook, John Brough  Oct 1889Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22873
21 Dawson, Margaret Hilda  Mar 1989Boston, Lincolnshire, England I6275
22 Elvey, Ivy Mary  Mar 1969Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23853
23 Evans, Grace Margaret  Jun 1994Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23860
24 Foster, Annie Fenwick  Jun 1979Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23542
25 Hildred, Louisa Jane  Mar 1920Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23401
26 Hildred, Mary  Jun 1932Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23398
27 Hildred, Robert  Sep 1892Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23427
28 Lill, Eliza  Oct 1872Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23788
29 Manyard, Hannah  16 Jun 1856Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23493
30 Moody, Harriet  Mar 1909Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23428
31 Spurway, Harold  Sep 1924Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23865
32 Thorp, Elizabeth  Abt 17 Aug 1885Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22898
33 Veall, John K  Oct 1908Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23447
34 Veall, John Robert  Jan 1909Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23389
35 Wand, John Edgar  1 Oct 1972Boston, Lincolnshire, England I8873
36 West, Charlotte  Jul 1844Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23782
37 Wharton, Amelia  19 Sep 1909Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23803
38 Wilson, Jekyll  10 Dec 1867Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22880
39 Wilson, John Brough  18 Nov 1889Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22884


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Blackbourne, Elizabeth  21 Mar 1802Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23384
2 Brough, Adeliza Louisa  18 Sep 1835Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22856
3 Brough, Frances  23 Sep 1802Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22864
4 Brough, John Nicholas  6 Jan 1828Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22895
5 Brough, Pell  11 May 1798Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22865
6 Brough, Richard  13 Mar 1799Boston, Lincolnshire, England I24070
7 Brough, William  21 Jul 1802Boston, Lincolnshire, England I24056
8 Cook, John  7 Sep 1801Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22868
9 Rimes ??, Mary  30 Dec 1784Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23678
10 Wilson, Elizabeth  22 Apr 1823Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22878
11 Wilson, Louisa  26 Aug 1819Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22881

Criminal Conviction

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Criminal Conviction    Person ID 
1 Brough, John  23 Oct 1832Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22863
2 Brough, Robert  4 Jul 1834Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22850
3 Brough, Robert  27 Jun 1837Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22850


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employment    Person ID 
1 Brough, Pell  25 Apr 1818Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22865


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Brough aka Bruff, John  1806Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22855


Matches 1 to 98 of 98

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 "Brough", Phoebe or Rebecca  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22852
2 "Peacock", Susannah  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England I9251
3 Amos, Arthur  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23393
4 Amos, Arthur  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23393
5 Amos, Arthur  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23393
6 Amos, Arthur  2 Apr 1911Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23393
7 Amos, Frederick  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23392
8 Amos, Frederick  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23392
9 Amos, Frederick  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23392
10 Amos, Robert Samuel  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23390
11 Barrs aka Brough, Kate  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23386
12 Brough, Adeliza Louisa  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22856
13 Brough, Betsy Ann  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23380
14 Brough, Elizabeth  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23379
15 Brough, Elizabeth  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23379
16 Brough, Elizabeth  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23379
17 Brough, Frances  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22864
18 Brough, Henry John  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22876
19 Brough, Mabel  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23446
20 Brough, Mary Ann  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22896
21 Brough, Mary Ann  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22896
22 Brough, Mary Ann Shepperd  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23674
23 Brough, Pell  Apr 1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22865
24 Brough, Robert  May 1837Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22850
25 Brough, Robert  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22850
26 Brough, Sarah  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22860
27 Brough aka Amos, Elizabeth Mary  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23391
28 Clark, Isabella  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23448
29 Clark, Isabella  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23448
30 Clark, Isabella  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23448
31 Clark, Isabella  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23448
32 Clark, Isabella  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23448
33 Cook, Ann  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22872
34 Cook, John Brough  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22873
35 Cook, John Brough  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22873
36 Cook, John Brough  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22873
37 Cook, Louisa  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22869
38 Cook, William  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22870
39 Dann, Harriet  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23415
40 Dann, John Thomas  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23416
41 Everitt, Alfred  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23313
42 Everitt, Betsy A  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23315
43 Everitt, Clara  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23312
44 Everitt, Elizabeth  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23311
45 Everitt, Emily  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23310
46 Everitt, Georgeina  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23309
47 Everitt, Georgeina  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23309
48 Everitt, Jesse  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23306
49 Everitt, Jesse  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23306
50 Everitt, Jesse  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23306
51 Everitt, John G  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23307
52 Everitt, Tom Howard  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23314
53 Everitt, Tom Howard  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23314
54 Everitt, William  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23305
55 Everitt, William  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23305
56 Hildred, Betsy Ann  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23400
57 Hildred, Grace Annie  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23399
58 Hildred, John Robert  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23395
59 Hildred, Joseph Brough  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23397
60 Hildred, Louisa Jane  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23401
61 Hildred, Mary  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23398
62 Hildred, Robert  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23427
63 Hildred, Robert  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23427
64 Hildred, Robert  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23427
65 Hildred, William  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23394
66 Hildred, William  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23394
67 Hildred, William  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23396
68 Hildred, William  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23394
69 Moody, Harriet  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23428
70 Moody, Harriet  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23428
71 Moody, Harriet  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23428
72 Peacock, Emily  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England I7635
73 Peacock, James  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England I9252
74 Thorp, Elizabeth  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22898
75 Thorp, Elizabeth  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22898
76 Veall, John K  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23447
77 Veall, John K  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23447
78 Veall, John K  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23447
79 Veall, John K  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23447
80 Veall, John K  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23447
81 Veall, John Robert  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23389
82 Veall, John Robert  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23389
83 Veall, John Robert  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23389
84 Veall, John Robert  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England I23389
85 Wilson, Charlotte  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22885
86 Wilson, Charlotte  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22885
87 Wilson, Elizabeth  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22878
88 Wilson, Elizabeth  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22878
89 Wilson, Jekyll  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22880
90 Wilson, Jekyll  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22880
91 Wilson, Jekyll  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22880
92 Wilson, John Brough  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22884
93 Wilson, John Brough  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22884
94 Wilson, John Brough  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22884
95 Wilson, John Brough  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22884
96 Wilson, Sarah Ann  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22879
97 Wilson, Sarah Ann  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22879
98 Wilson, Sarah Ann  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England I22879


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atkin / Brough  5 Mar 1834Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8530
2 Brough / Burton  1860Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8283
3 Brough / Evans  Mar 1939Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8558
4 Brough / Hannaford  Jan 1878Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8444
5 Brough / Spurway  Sep 1927Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8559
6 Brough aka Bruff / Ablewhite  13 Mar 1834Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8285
7 Dann / Brough  Oct 1844Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8450
8 Hildred / Brough  Mar 1884Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8454
9 Lill / Brough  Jan 1867Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8539
10 Pell / Motley  1764Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8423
11 Spurway / Sandon  Oct 1908Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8561
12 Stones / Beecham  Apr 1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8497
13 Veall / Brough  Oct 1893Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8461
14 Veall / Clark  Jan 1860Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8463
15 Whatmough / Playfoot  Jul 1909Boston, Lincolnshire, England F7673
16 Wingate / Brough  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England F8676
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