Richmond, Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brugh, Carol Ann  2 Mar 1957Richmond, Virginia, USA I12868
2 Hettrick, Heather White  26 Nov 1965Richmond, Virginia, USA I19301
3 Slaughter, Brian Douglas  9 Nov 1959Richmond, Virginia, USA I19292


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Berryman, John Mosby  17 Mar 1976Richmond, Virginia, USA I14905
2 Bowe, Frank Leroy  9 Mar 1940Richmond, Virginia, USA I19756
3 Bowe, Stanley Pollard  12 Nov 2000Richmond, Virginia, USA I19590
4 Brough, William Alan  27 Mar 2005Richmond, Virginia, USA I19581
5 Brugh, Robert Taylor  17 Jul 1931Richmond, Virginia, USA I12256
6 Dietrich, Chester Raymond  3 Aug 1934Richmond, Virginia, USA I19447
7 Echols, James Branch  20 Apr 1954Richmond, Virginia, USA I19483
8 Greenewalt, Annie Margaret  16 May 1953Richmond, Virginia, USA I11816
9 Hamilton, George Clinton  25 Nov 1952Richmond, Virginia, USA I19624
10 Harvey, Marion Leigh  Jun 1976Richmond, Virginia, USA I14902
11 Johnson, Mabel Frances  29 Dec 1978Richmond, Virginia, USA I19644
12 Mills, Lewis Carrington  14 Feb 1965Richmond, Virginia, USA I19525
13 Pamplin, Joan Davis  14 Aug 2004Richmond, Virginia, USA I19675
14 Pritchard, Wray Jolly  2 Mar 2004Richmond, Virginia, USA I19022
15 Winner, Raymond Ashur Jr  24 Nov 1962Richmond, Virginia, USA I19378


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Ware, Marvin Ruffner  18 Oct 1943Richmond, Virginia, USA I19730


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ashbey, Phebe Whitney  1910Richmond, Virginia, USA I12671
2 Brough, Kathleen Charlotte  1942Richmond, Virginia, USA I16932
3 Brough, Kathleen Charlotte  1951Richmond, Virginia, USA I16932
4 Brugh, Belinda  1992Richmond, Virginia, USA I12625
5 Brugh, Carol Ann  1996Richmond, Virginia, USA I12868
6 Brugh, Carter Mason  1993Richmond, Virginia, USA I15154
7 Brugh, Ewell Ashby  1910Richmond, Virginia, USA I12672
8 Brugh, Ewell Ashby  1939Richmond, Virginia, USA I12672
9 Brugh, Luther Harvey  1950Richmond, Virginia, USA I11542
10 Brugh, Lynn Kanaga IV  1993Richmond, Virginia, USA I15151
11 Brugh, Mathew Elmer aka Pete  1959Richmond, Virginia, USA I12858
12 Brugh, Mathew Elmer aka Pete  1992Richmond, Virginia, USA I12858
13 Brugh, Phoebe Whitney  1910Richmond, Virginia, USA I12673
14 Burton, Gervas Storrs  1850Richmond, Virginia, USA I12453
15 Gilbert, Helen Gertrude  1959Richmond, Virginia, USA I12869
16 Gilbert, Helen Gertrude  1993Richmond, Virginia, USA I12869
17 Henry, Edna Grace  1950Richmond, Virginia, USA I16602
18 Hettrick, Heather White  1989Richmond, Virginia, USA I19301
19 Hettrick, Heather White  1991Richmond, Virginia, USA I19301
20 Mercer, Terrence Lee  1992Richmond, Virginia, USA I16704
21 Nester, Franklin McDowell  1935Richmond, Virginia, USA I19367
22 Nester, Harry Briggs  1935Richmond, Virginia, USA I19370
23 Selden, Jesse Winn  1942Richmond, Virginia, USA I17030
24 Selden, Jesse Winn  1951Richmond, Virginia, USA I17030
25 Slaughter, Brian Douglas  1992Richmond, Virginia, USA I19292
26 Sturdivant, Maria L  1891Richmond, Virginia, USA I19467
27 West, Susan Kristine  Richmond, Virginia, USA I10191
28 Winner, Raymond Ashur Jr  1957Richmond, Virginia, USA I19372


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berryman / Harvey  28 Aug 1941Richmond, Virginia, USA F4775
2 Brugh / Hettrick  3 Aug 1991Richmond, Virginia, USA F6778
3 Burton / Bolling  13 Aug 1851Richmond, Virginia, USA F3971
4 Coggins / Williams  29 Oct 1902Richmond, Virginia, USA F7039
5 Pritchard / Brugh  27 Apr 1974Richmond, Virginia, USA F6659
6 Selden / Barnes  30 Jun 1903Richmond, Virginia, USA F5581
7 Waugh / Brough  5 May 1941Richmond, Virginia, USA F6048
8 Wisman / Dean  18 Mar 1916Richmond, Virginia, USA F6323


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Brugh / Thacker  9 Oct 1953Richmond, Virginia, USA F4092
2 Thacker / Stoup  2 Nov 1918Richmond, Virginia, USA F6653
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