Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Addie, Albert Edward Bruce  19 Aug 1925Toronto, Ontario, Canada I30065
2 Addie, Grace E  Abt 1915Toronto, Ontario, Canada I30062
3 Addie, Hazel L  Mar 1919Toronto, Ontario, Canada I30063
4 Aldridge, Kenneth  10 Oct 1915Toronto, Ontario, Canada I34064
5 Brough, Angela  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I22735
6 Brough, Angus Leonard  Abt 1926Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26942
7 Brough, David  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26988
8 Brough, David Albert  31 Oct 1892Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26852
9 Brough, Doreen May  16 Feb 1933Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26933
10 Brough, Dorothy  16 Feb 1933Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26929
11 Brough, Harold James  3 Feb 1920Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26945
12 Brough, James  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26989
13 Brough, John Edward  13 Jan 1919Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26940
14 Brough, Marianne Elizabeth  10 Jun 1843Toronto, Ontario, Canada I20662
15 Brough, Redmond John  1847Toronto, Ontario, Canada I20667
16 Brough, Robert Henry  18 May 1948Toronto, Ontario, Canada I49803
17 Brough, Ronald William  5 Jun 1923Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26943
18 Brough, Ross Omand  15 Feb 1925Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26932
19 Brough, Theodore George  Abt 1854Toronto, Ontario, Canada I20666
20 Brough, Vctoria  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I22734
21 Brough, Walter Constantine  Abt 1861Toronto, Ontario, Canada I20668
22 David, Barbara Joan  12 May 1926Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26990
23 Going, Frederick  Abt 1854Toronto, Ontario, Canada I20648
24 Hawke, Mary Caroline  Abt 1863Toronto, Ontario, Canada I20966
25 Marshall, James Brough  7 Apr 1924Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32558
26 McWilliams, David Ireland  2 Nov 1922Toronto, Ontario, Canada I5098
27 Milburn, Margaret Armour  2 Dec 1854Toronto, Ontario, Canada I30151
28 Saidler, James Gibson  7 Aug 1887Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35565
29 Steadman, Audrey June  4 May 1922Toronto, Ontario, Canada I30650
30 Steadman, Thomas  1 Nov 1890Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32993
31 Strong, Herbert Ernest  27 May 1915Toronto, Ontario, Canada I34069
32 ThornBack, Henry  Abt 1877Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32991
33 Turner, Ernest William  Abt 1860Toronto, Ontario, Canada I20978


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Addie, Albert Edward Bruce  1987Toronto, Ontario, Canada I30065
2 Baker, Edna  1972Toronto, Ontario, Canada I30678
3 Brosnen, Anovah Bresnen  Abt 1970Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32992
4 Brough, Donald Alexander McPherson  Aug 1960Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26676
5 Brough, Henry Gordon  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I8064
6 Brough, James  8 Sep 2009Toronto, Ontario, Canada I22739
7 Brough, James Edwin  10 Apr 1964Toronto, Ontario, Canada I29858
8 Brough, James Joseph  31 Jul 1954Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32975
9 Brough, James Smith  29 Feb 1989Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26851
10 Brough, Janet  Abt 1977Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32537
11 Brough, John Edward  7 Jan 2011Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26940
12 Brough, Marjorie Ellen  12 Jun 1960Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26686
13 Brough, Perciville Howard  23 Dec 1971Toronto, Ontario, Canada I29895
14 Brough, Robert  1940Toronto, Ontario, Canada I8034
15 Brough, Ross Omand  22 Jun 1996Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26932
16 Brough, Stuart Young  30 Sep 1967Toronto, Ontario, Canada I30040
17 Caldecott, Isabel  15 Feb 1944Toronto, Ontario, Canada I21593
18 Crouter, James Warden  12 Apr 1919Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32807
19 David, Percy Roy  Aug 1960Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26994
20 Findlater, Sophia Porter  9 Feb 1919Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32075
21 Forsyth, Mary Annabell Pearl  1976Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32977
22 Guppy, Winnifred Mabel  6 Jan 1999Toronto, Ontario, Canada I27174
23 Lawson, Alexander Smirle  22 Dec 1963Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32978
24 Marshall, Andrew  Aft 1963Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32559
25 Marshall, James Brough  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32558
26 Marshall, Leslie  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32557
27 McLean, Mary  25 Aug 1920Toronto, Ontario, Canada I34039
28 Morrison, Jessie Henderson  19 Mar 1994Toronto, Ontario, Canada I33331
29 Nicoll, Harriet  26 Jul 1874Toronto, Ontario, Canada I20688
30 Rice, Wallace Justin  26 Nov 1987Toronto, Ontario, Canada I18572
31 Rushton, Leonard Brough  14 Apr 1999Toronto, Ontario, Canada I5737
32 Waterhouse, Arthur  27 Jan 1978Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32561


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Brough, David Albert  15 Feb 1916Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26852
2 Brough, Harry Gibson  2 May 1918Toronto, Ontario, Canada I24909
3 Brough, John  9 Jun 1915Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26854


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Beament, John Arthur  1948Toronto, Ontario, Canada I32980
2 Brough, David Albert  1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26852
3 Brough, James Smith  1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26851
4 Brough, John  1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26854
5 Brough, John Groundwater  1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26840
6 Brough, Marceline M  Mar 1923Toronto, Ontario, Canada I28186
7 Brough, Mary Isabella  1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26853
8 Brough, May A  1 Jun 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I34059
9 Brough, Robert Henry  2015Toronto, Ontario, Canada I49803
10 Brough, Robert Scott  1 Jun 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I34058
11 Brough, Robert Scott  1 Jun 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I34037
12 Brough, Ross Omand  1957Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26932
13 Corless, Francis  17 Apr 1916Toronto, Ontario, Canada I44377
14 Hawke, Mary Caroline  1935Toronto, Ontario, Canada I20966
15 Sloan, Jeanie  1 Jun 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I34060
16 Smith, Margaret  1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26855
17 Turriff, John White  1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I30171
18 Watts, Caroline Mary West  1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I30172


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aldridge / Brough  26 Mar 1915Toronto, Ontario, Canada F11723
2 Brough / McDermott  28 May 1918Toronto, Ontario, Canada F9647
3 Brough / Smith  18 Jul 1923Toronto, Ontario, Canada F9646
4 David / Deyett  27 Jan 1926Toronto, Ontario, Canada F9673
5 Pepler / Bernard  19 Apr 1881Toronto, Ontario, Canada F7533
6 Swaine aka Swann / Wray  26 Oct 1887Toronto, Ontario, Canada F15763
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