York, Yorkshire, England



Matches 1 to 78 of 78

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Charles Cyril  15 Jul 1908York, Yorkshire, England I50310
2 Barton, Mary Ann  Abt 1857York, Yorkshire, England I50181
3 Beaumont, Elizabeth  27 Feb 1861York, Yorkshire, England I51084
4 Beaumont, William  Abt 1829York, Yorkshire, England I51088
5 Brough, Albert  Oct 1884York, Yorkshire, England I52225
6 Brough, Albert  Jan 1907York, Yorkshire, England I52245
7 Brough, Alfred  Jul 1895York, Yorkshire, England I53316
8 Brough, Alfred William  Oct 1882York, Yorkshire, England I52111
9 Brough, Anna  Abt 1816York, Yorkshire, England I24171
10 Brough, Annie  Oct 1886York, Yorkshire, England I52227
11 Brough, Annie  Jan 1908York, Yorkshire, England I52246
12 Brough, David E  Jun 1945York, Yorkshire, England I53341
13 Brough, David P  Jun 1961York, Yorkshire, England I23898
14 Brough, Doris Irene  1 Jan 1913York, Yorkshire, England I52244
15 Brough, Emily  Oct 1914York, Yorkshire, England I52249
16 Brough, Eric Joseph  27 Feb 1913York, Yorkshire, England I53335
17 Brough, Francisca  Abt Aug 1674York, Yorkshire, England I52572
18 Brough, Harry  3 Jun 1919York, Yorkshire, England I52250
19 Brough, Ivy  Jul 1905York, Yorkshire, England I53328
20 Brough, James  11 Mar 1918York, Yorkshire, England I52251
21 Brough, Joseph Exeley  25 Mar 1923York, Yorkshire, England I53323
22 Brough, Kathleen  17 Jan 1909York, Yorkshire, England I50293
23 Brough, Leslie M  Jun 1950York, Yorkshire, England I53340
24 Brough, Marianne  Dec 1944York, Yorkshire, England I50307
25 Brough, Mark F C  Mar 1959York, Yorkshire, England I23900
26 Brough, Martin P  Mar 1960York, Yorkshire, England I23899
27 Brough, Mary  Jul 1889York, Yorkshire, England I52226
28 Brough, Mary  29 Nov 1909York, Yorkshire, England I52247
29 Brough, Mary  Jan 1911York, Yorkshire, England I53327
30 Brough, Myra A  Sep 1962York, Yorkshire, England I23897
31 Brough, Oliver  Jul 1880York, Yorkshire, England I53307
32 Brough, Peter  18 Feb 1930York, Yorkshire, England I23643
33 Brough, Peter  Jun 1938York, Yorkshire, England I50308
34 Brough, Phyllis  Apr 1909York, Yorkshire, England I53326
35 Brough, Robert  Abt Feb 1678York, Yorkshire, England I52570
36 Brough, Thomas  Abt Aug 1674York, Yorkshire, England I52571
37 Brough, Thomas Henry  9 Oct 1907York, Yorkshire, England I50295
38 Brough, Violet Ethel  20 Oct 1903York, Yorkshire, England I53324
39 Brough, Walter Thomas  Sep 1871York, Yorkshire, England I36196
40 Catereyke, William  1396York, Yorkshire, England I52459
41 Cossins, Donald  14 Oct 1898York, Yorkshire, England I50977
42 Cossins, Edith  Apr 1895York, Yorkshire, England I50978
43 Coup, Annie Elizabeth  Jul 1866York, Yorkshire, England I34818
44 Danby, Alfred William  Abt 1834York, Yorkshire, England I52121
45 Danby, Sarah Jane  Oct 1863York, Yorkshire, England I52116
46 Eckles, James  1 May 1812York, Yorkshire, England I9551
47 Fahey, Brenda E  Mar 1935York, Yorkshire, England I52260
48 Fahey, Eileen Mary  6 Nov 1931York, Yorkshire, England I52261
49 Fahey, Joseph  10 May 1929York, Yorkshire, England I52262
50 Green, Brian  Dec 1943York, Yorkshire, England I51745
51 Hargreaves, Muriel Ethel  19 Feb 1927York, Yorkshire, England I51796
52 Hudson, Mary Eleanor  Oct 1867York, Yorkshire, England I50311
53 Hughes, Emma  Abt 1845York, Yorkshire, England I7271
54 Hughes, William  Abt 1820York, Yorkshire, England I7173
55 Hull, Margaret E  Mar 1934York, Yorkshire, England I53349
56 Humphrey, Albert George  23 Oct 1915York, Yorkshire, England I52252
57 Humphrey, Ivy  20 Aug 1914York, Yorkshire, England I52253
58 Humphrey, James William  17 Dec 1888York, Yorkshire, England I52255
59 Humphrey, Winifred  16 Nov 1920York, Yorkshire, England I52254
60 Jackson, Charlotte Ann  11 Sep 1854York, Yorkshire, England I50984
61 Johnson, Albert  2 Jul 1910York, Yorkshire, England I51126
62 Key, Sarah Jane  Abt Mar 1851York, Yorkshire, England I52258
63 Miles, Ernest William  Oct 1901York, Yorkshire, England I52208
64 Morrod, Elizabeth  7 Jan 1828York, Yorkshire, England I23057
65 Nelson, Ann  Abt Jan 1823York, Yorkshire, England I50992
66 Oxberry, Ethel Maude  16 Jan 1881York, Yorkshire, England I53325
67 Oxberry, Matthew Robert  Jul 1858York, Yorkshire, England I53347
68 Precious, Hilda Christiana  Sep 1870York, Yorkshire, England I51921
69 Smith, Charlotte Olive  12 Aug 1903York, Yorkshire, England I51800
70 Smith, Ruby Mary  5 Apr 1907York, Yorkshire, England I53322
71 Snape, Ellen  Apr 1886York, Yorkshire, England I52248
72 Sowby, Lydia  16 Mar 1860York, Yorkshire, England I23016
73 Strangeway, Vera Eileen  8 Sep 1914York, Yorkshire, England I53342
74 Thornton, Norah  15 May 1898York, Yorkshire, England I51797
75 Walker, Adelaide Mary  Apr 1884York, Yorkshire, England I53336
76 Walker, William Henry  Feb 1855York, Yorkshire, England I53339
77 Watters, Susan  Abt 1836York, Yorkshire, England I52120
78 Witty, Peter  Jun 1932York, Yorkshire, England I52264


Matches 1 to 64 of 64

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beaumont, Joseph Harold  9 Nov 1914York, Yorkshire, England I51086
2 Bell, Annie Elizabeth  Apr 1989York, Yorkshire, England I23642
3 Booth, Annie  23 Apr 1965York, Yorkshire, England I23895
4 Brough, Agnes Mary  Jun 1892York, Yorkshire, England I52667
5 Brough, Annie  Jul 1894York, Yorkshire, England I52227
6 Brough, Annie  3 Mar 1931York, Yorkshire, England I2594
7 Brough, Arthur  Apr 1986York, Yorkshire, England I50080
8 Brough, Doris Irene  Feb 2006York, Yorkshire, England I52244
9 Brough, Eliza  21 Sep 1928York, Yorkshire, England I51049
10 Brough, Emily  Mar 1916York, Yorkshire, England I52249
11 Brough, Eric Joseph  9 Aug 2003York, Yorkshire, England I53335
12 Brough, Francis  Apr 1905York, Yorkshire, England I50071
13 Brough, Francis  Apr 1905York, Yorkshire, England I51047
14 Brough, Francis  Mar 1983York, Yorkshire, England I23629
15 Brough, Francis Edward  May 1994York, Yorkshire, England I51437
16 Brough, Harold  30 Jul 2006York, Yorkshire, England I51438
17 Brough, Harriet Elizabeth  Dec 1941York, Yorkshire, England I52190
18 Brough, Harry  Sep 1996York, Yorkshire, England I52250
19 Brough, James  Oct 1985York, Yorkshire, England I52251
20 Brough, John Wharton  Apr 1985York, Yorkshire, England I23869
21 Brough, Mary  Oct 1947York, Yorkshire, England I52226
22 Brough, Mary  Jun 1971York, Yorkshire, England I52247
23 Brough, Moreland William  Sep 1964York, Yorkshire, England I52191
24 Brough, Oliver  Mar 1959York, Yorkshire, England I53307
25 Brough, Peter  Feb 2000York, Yorkshire, England I23643
26 Brough, Robert  Abt 1935York, Yorkshire, England I51402
27 Brough, Robert  Mar 1935York, Yorkshire, England I52179
28 Brough, Thomas  Dec 1939York, Yorkshire, England I50215
29 Brough, Vida  Jun 1948York, Yorkshire, England I53312
30 Brough, Violet Ethel  Jun 1976York, Yorkshire, England I53324
31 Catereyke, William  3 Dec 1438York, Yorkshire, England I52459
32 Culley, Mary Elizabeth  1994York, Yorkshire, England I31183
33 Fahey, Eileen Mary  22 Oct 2008York, Yorkshire, England I52261
34 Fahey, Joseph  Jan 2003York, Yorkshire, England I52262
35 Fearn, Gladys  Sep 1983York, Yorkshire, England I50309
36 Fearn, Harry  Jun 1953York, Yorkshire, England I50313
37 Garwood, Henry Robert  Dec 1933York, Yorkshire, England I50305
38 Gibson, Dinah  Jun 1924York, Yorkshire, England I52228
39 Goward, Ann  Sep 1867York, Yorkshire, England I52515
40 Hudson, William  Mar 1940York, Yorkshire, England I52750
41 Hudson, William Brough  Sep 1992York, Yorkshire, England I52743
42 Hull, Harold Percival  Dec 1970York, Yorkshire, England I53350
43 Humphrey, Ivy  6 May 1961York, Yorkshire, England I52253
44 Humphrey, Winifred  29 Dec 1992York, Yorkshire, England I52254
45 Maudsley, Margaret May  16 Dec 1998York, Yorkshire, England I49958
46 Newby, Frank  Jun 1930York, Yorkshire, England I50120
47 Newby, Richard William  Dec 1945York, Yorkshire, England I50117
48 Nightingale, Dinah  Jan 1884York, Yorkshire, England I52772
49 Oxberry, Ethel Maude  28 Feb 1955York, Yorkshire, England I53325
50 Playfoot, Sarah Ann  10 May 1910York, Yorkshire, England I21341
51 Pratt, John William  24 Dec 1967York, Yorkshire, England I51798
52 Siddall, Sarah  Oct 1886York, Yorkshire, England I53306
53 Smith, Charlotte Olive  Jun 1986York, Yorkshire, England I51800
54 Smith, Sydney  Sep 1953York, Yorkshire, England I53319
55 Smith, Thomas  Apr 1915York, Yorkshire, England I53355
56 Smith, Winifred  Sep 2001York, Yorkshire, England I53321
57 Snape, Thomas  14 Mar 1889York, Yorkshire, England I52259
58 Stockton, Ann  Abt 1876York, Yorkshire, England I51016
59 Strangeway, Vera Eileen  1 Mar 1976York, Yorkshire, England I53342
60 Thornton, Norah  2 Jul 1961York, Yorkshire, England I51797
61 Walker, William Henry  Jan 1911York, Yorkshire, England I53339
62 Webster, Mary  1835York, Yorkshire, England I50320
63 Wilson, Elizabeth Brough  Sep 1916York, Yorkshire, England I51279
64 Witty, Thomas Boynton  20 Nov 1979York, Yorkshire, England I52265


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Bickerdike, Sarah Ann  12 Jul 1840York, Yorkshire, England I50990
2 Brough, Alfred William  23 Jan 1885York, Yorkshire, England I52111
3 Brough, Walter Thomas  30 Nov 1871York, Yorkshire, England I36196
4 Cossins, Thomas  25 Mar 1868York, Yorkshire, England I50979
5 Key, Sarah Jane  14 Mar 1851York, Yorkshire, England I52258
6 Oxberry, Matthew Robert  7 Aug 1858York, Yorkshire, England I53347
7 Snape, Ellen  19 Apr 1886York, Yorkshire, England I52248
8 Snape, Thomas  25 Feb 1849York, Yorkshire, England I52259
9 Walker, William Henry  14 Feb 1855York, Yorkshire, England I53339


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Amos, Arthur  27 Jun 1895York, Yorkshire, England I23393
2 Brough, Albert  10 Jan 1905York, Yorkshire, England I52225


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Charles Cyril  1975York, Yorkshire, England I50310
2 Atkinson, Jane  1901York, Yorkshire, England I52256
3 Atkinson, John Thomas  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50312
4 Beaumont, Ethel  1901York, Yorkshire, England I51091
5 Beaumont, Maria  1901York, Yorkshire, England I51092
6 Beaumont, William  Apr 1901York, Yorkshire, England I51088
7 Bickerdike, Sarah Ann  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50990
8 Brough, Ada Minnie  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50987
9 Brough, Eliza  1901York, Yorkshire, England I51049
10 Brough, Fanny  1901York, Yorkshire, England I49936
11 Brough, Hannah  1901York, Yorkshire, England I49939
12 Brough, Margaret  1851York, Yorkshire, England I52168
13 Brough, Rebecca  1901York, Yorkshire, England I24958
14 Brough, Richard Gospel  York, Yorkshire, England I53298
15 Brough, Roger W  2014York, Yorkshire, England I39231
16 Constable, Ann Marie  2 Apr 1911York, Yorkshire, England I53348
17 Cossins, Donald  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50977
18 Cossins, Edith  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50978
19 Cossins, Harold  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50980
20 Cossins, Thomas  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50979
21 Cossins, Thomas Richardson  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50989
22 Hudson, Mary Eleanor  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50311
23 Humphrey, James William  1901York, Yorkshire, England I52255
24 Humphrey, Thomas  1901York, Yorkshire, England I52257
25 Lockwood, Sarah  1851York, Yorkshire, England I51556
26 Morrod, Elizabeth  1861York, Yorkshire, England I23057
27 Newby, Harry  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50112
28 Newby, James  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50113
29 Newby, Richard  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50111
30 Newby, Robert  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50115
31 Newby, Sarah Elizabeth  1901York, Yorkshire, England I50118
32 Prieto, Emilia C  2014York, Yorkshire, England I46841
33 Sowby, Lydia  1861York, Yorkshire, England I23016
34 Sowerby, Isaac  1861York, Yorkshire, England I23056
35 Starey, Thomas Arthur  York, Yorkshire, England I25075
36 Thompson, John  1851York, Yorkshire, England I51557
37 Watson, Georgiana Brough  1901York, Yorkshire, England I24966
38 Watson, William  1901York, Yorkshire, England I24965


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Gibson  7 Oct 1858York, Yorkshire, England F18174
2 Atkinson / Brough  Dec 1936York, Yorkshire, England F17585
3 Atkinson / Hudson  1887York, Yorkshire, England F17586
4 Bell / Booth  24 Dec 1896York, Yorkshire, England F8580
5 Brough / Bell  Sep 1929York, Yorkshire, England F8508
6 Brough / Foster  22 Dec 1800York, Yorkshire, England F17845
7 Brough / Hargreaves  Jun 1951York, Yorkshire, England F18046
8 Brough / Jackson  25 Oct 1884York, Yorkshire, England F17814
9 Brough / Lawson  Jun 1939York, Yorkshire, England F18044
10 Brough / Oxberry  26 Jan 1901York, Yorkshire, England F18628
11 Brough / Pratt  10 Apr 1971York, Yorkshire, England F18045
12 Brough / Snape  Jan 1907York, Yorkshire, England F18173
13 Brough / Strangeway  1 Apr 1941York, Yorkshire, England F18632
14 Brough / Walker  Jul 1910York, Yorkshire, England F18629
15 Butler / Dyson  12 Jul 1840York, Yorkshire, England F9145
16 Cawood / Brough  Dec 1931York, Yorkshire, England F18641
17 Cossins / Bickerdike  10 Jul 1865York, Yorkshire, England F17817
18 Coup / Morris  3 May 1863York, Yorkshire, England F12000
19 Danby / Watters  28 Nov 1858York, Yorkshire, England F18146
20 Fahey / Brough  Jun 1928York, Yorkshire, England F18180
21 Gospel aka Brough / Hulland  Jul 1887York, Yorkshire, England F18624
22 Hall / Brough  Oct 1901York, Yorkshire, England F18634
23 Hargreaves / Smith  Dec 1927York, Yorkshire, England F18047
24 Hudson / Brough  Dec 1889York, Yorkshire, England F18346
25 Hughes / Thornham  24 May 1842York, Yorkshire, England F2266
26 Hull / Brough  1933York, Yorkshire, England F18636
27 Jarvis / Brough  26 Nov 1853York, Yorkshire, England F18564
28 Lacy / Pratt  26 Feb 1949York, Yorkshire, England F18377
29 Miles / Brough  Apr 1900York, Yorkshire, England F18164
30 Smith / Brough  Oct 1906York, Yorkshire, England F18637
31 Sorby / Hague  23 May 1831York, Yorkshire, England F8771
32 Sowerby / Morrod  7 Apr 1852York, Yorkshire, England F8350
33 Strangeway / Cooper  9 Dec 1911York, Yorkshire, England F18633
34 Walker / Fletcher  Apr 1876York, Yorkshire, England F18631
35 Witty / Brough  Dec 1930York, Yorkshire, England F18178
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